Soups for Fall

Here’s a roundup of tried-and-true soups for fall

As soon as the clock strikes midnight and the calendar rolls into September, I am ready for fall. It doesn’t matter that the weather is still sweltering hot in South Carolina, or that we’re months away from being comfortable wearing a sweater. I still want soup and all the autumn flavors. You too? Here’s a roundup of tried-and-true soups for fall. 🍂

Soup Favorites

le creuset soup pot
Le Creuset Soup Pot
  • This is the best Le Creuset Soup Pot – it’s big enough for a double batch and is easy to clean!
  • Snapware Containers are the best to store soups if you’re going to eat the next week – easy to put in the microwave!
  • For freezing, I use gallon bags and store flat in the freezer. Or you can use these cool reusable silicone bags, which you can put right in the microwave.
  • Save all of the recipes you want to try in Paprika, the best meal planning app, which keeps all of your recipes plus let’s you add to a calendar and create a grocery list

best soup recipes for fall

12 of the the best soup recipes to try this fall!

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