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Makes plans for the best brunch in Myrtle Beach

Brunch. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch.” It’s the breakfast after sleeping in. The pre-lunch meal after lazing around in pajamas for a few hours. Brunch is a weekend luxury! Here are the best Myrtle Beach brunch spots.

Drift - A Costal Eatery in Myrtle Beach

Drift – A Coastal Eatery

Oh this menu is ON POINT. Drift – a Coastal Eatery is a Myrtle Beach brunch spot for foodies. The breakfast menu will have you torn between sweet and savory. Would you go for a flame-roasted Fuji apples on top of a Belgium waffle? Or one of the eight eggs Benedict’s? This is why you’ll have to go back again and again… everything looks amazing, and has enough of a fancy, gourmet twist to make it unique from other Grand Strand brunch spots. You’d expect the menu to have a bit of sticker shock – but everything is reasonably priced, even the duck confit Benedict (fancy!) is $12.49.

Croissants bistro

Croissants Bistro & Bakery

Brunch at Croissants is a longtime locals favorite. The complimentary muffin bites and dollop of ambrosia salad are always a treat and add an elegant touch the meal. Plus, everything on the menu is delicious.

Tidal creek brew house - brunch in Myrtle beach
Tomato Pie

Tidal Creek Brewhouse

The tomato pie at Tidal Creek Brewhouse is a dish that’s so savory and delicious, once you try it, it will be tough to order anything else from the menu. Plus, the greens in a lemon olive oil is the perfect compliment to the main dish. The brunch menu also has a breakfast burrito with potatoes, shredded bacon (YUM), avocado toast, and other dishes that will tempt you away from the tomato pie. This place is open early on the weekends, so you can stop by for a cup of coffee or later for a leisurely brunch.

Johnny D’s Waffles

The mile-long line in the parking lot forms for a reason. Johnny D’s is the best for breakfast. The waffle menu has so many cool options, including a waffle with funfetti. If you’re not in the mood for waffles, you have your pick of eggs, bacon, and even a bagel salmon platter.

10 Fold Biscuits

The encouragement to count memories and not calories at brunch at 10 Fold Biscuits is excellent advice. The biscuits are the size of a bowling ball, and everything on the menu is tempting.

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