10 Fold Biscuits Myrtle Beach is a fun family brunch spot for foodies!

Count memories and not calories at this fun family brunch spot for foodies

You can’t get more southern than biscuits. But throw out the idea that 10/Fold Biscuits Myrtle Beach is going to be a country cookin’ biscuit experience with hand-stitched “I love my country home” decor.

Instead, you’ll find a modern, upscale counter-service restaurant you’d expect to find in foodie destination like Charleston or Atlanta. It is located next to 44 & King in the Magnolia Row shopping center.

Service was excellent. We ordered at the counter, and then a server came by several times to ask if we needed anything and to clear our plates throughout the meal. While we were waiting for our food, the kids loved playing outside on the tire swing and the games in front of 44 & King.

10 fold biscuits myrtle beach menu

Now let’s talk about the menu.

Obviously, biscuits are the specialty. You can order the “peppered pig,” which is a buttermilk biscuit, two breakfast sausage patties, “Storey Farms” soft scrambled egg, red pepper jelly. Or the not-so-basic “biscuits ‘n gravy” (maple sausage gravy, topped with scallion and paprika.) Everything is fresh, the biscuits are the size of my 12-year-old’s head, and you have a million fancy Southern options to make your foodie heart happy. This is a must-visit spot for a brunch lover.

Just before you place your order, a motto painted on the wall gives you permission to take a break from making healthy choices:

So, we decided to just go for it all: Plain biscuits, jalepeno cheddar biscuits, biscuits topped with fried shrimp, shrimp and grits, bacon, and even a salad to add some greens to the carbs. With biscuits as large as my 6-year old’s head, we may have over-ordered!!!

My son loved the bacon, my daughter the biscuit, and my husband and I sampled pretty much everything.

I had the Sea Shanty, a jalepeno cheddar biscuit topped with huge fried shrimp, a tomato, shredded cabbage for crunch, and a creamy jalepeno sauce. YUM.

The creamy tomato sauce in the shrimp and grits is out of this world. It’s rich and decadent and topped with a biscuit.

I spied the biscuits and gravy on another table, and they looked divine.

10/fold biscuits
Biscuit toppings

The biscuits are buttery and fluffy and the best biscuits I’ve ever tried. You can try the jams, jellies, and butters at the toppings bar for a sweet treat.

10 Fold Biscuits is a fun spot for a family brunch!

10 Fold Biscuits

Myrtle Beach

Fun family brunch spot

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