Weekend Wine List • 9.22.22

It’s FALL and it almost feels like it finally in Myrtle Beach! Here’s your weekend wine list for cozy fall nights. one Make Ribollita + Drink Red Wine Ribollita is a hearty soup is a combination of carrots, cannellini beans,…

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Sonoma Wine Tasting


Guide to Wine Tasting in Sonoma

My husband and I have tasted our away around Napa and Sonoma Wine Country many times over the years! He’s in the wine industry, so we’ve had some incredible experiences on our vacations. That’s why we decided to create this guide to Wine Tasting in…

10 things to do in Myrtle Beach this fall if you love food & wine

Myrtle Beach may be a hot spot for tourists during the summer for the beaches, restaurants, attractions, and golf – but the ideal weather hits around September. Or, maybe it’s October. The temperatures are warm enough to enjoy the beach, and the local events heat…