This Week’s Recommendations for Work + Weekend

Merlot + Comedy

wine night in

Stand-up comedy paired with a fab red wine is your next wine night in.

give it a swirl

For an easy drinking red, try the Northstar Merlot, which is as smooth and mellow as Bruno Mars’ voice.

Wine Fact

Even though Merlot is disparaged in Sideways, Merlot is the most planted variety in France! Curious about merlot? Read Wine Folly’s Guide to Merlot.

Tasting Tip

how to swirl a wine glass – try practicing with a glass of water first!

Snack Break
Cheese straws

make your own cheese straws or Amazon Prime Kim’s cheese straws, which has 5 star reviews


the founder of dagne dover listened to customer’s likes and dislikes about bags at a coach store, incorporated all of that feedback, and produced the most functional work bag for women of all time.


everyone is talking about the new podcast, the dropout,
and for good reason. a young visionary with a blond ponytail peddling a life-changing blood test backed by investors, legendary ad agencies, and renowned scientists duped the world, and this podcast unravels the story.  it’s fascinating and bewildering and terrifying.


Girls Who Code’s Reshma Saujani: The First Time I Did Something Truly Brave

Reshma Saujani

clean beauty pick

Recommended by Diane, “It is magical – I use it to tame flyaway hair, on my cuticles, and on my cheeks for a fresh, dewy look.”

Honest Beauty Magic Balm


Laugh out loud feminist comedian Iliza Shlesinger
on Netflix

5 day resolution | drink more water

how to drink more water (even if you don’t like water)