Glamping in Virginia

Cure your glamping fever and cook with campfire, sleep in air conditioning

Camping with Steve. Colonial Airstream video tours with Patrick Botticelli. Nomadic Sarah. All of these YouTube Channels will give you serious glamping fever. This could lead you to an impulsive ”Let’s go Glamping in Virginia!!” moment where you book a Tipi in a field … like we did. (Which is cheaper than purchasing an Airstream, but about as expensive as staying the night at a Ritz.)

What is glamping, exactly?

It varies from glamper to glamper, but essentially – it’s comfortable camping. To some, this may mean a tent they don’t have to pitch. To others, this may mean an air-conditioned tent-ish structure with a full bathroom, separate bedroom, electricity, Wi-Fi, smart TV, coffee pot, electricity, and living room.

A Camp Resort in VA

Sandy River Outdoor Adventures offers six Tipis and they are on the extreme end of the luxury glamping spectrum. It’s kind of a stretch to call these a tent, since they have every amenity a hotel would offer. Inside, you’ll find a comfortable living area with futons, a smart TV, stocked kitchen, separate bedroom, and bathroom. Oh, and there is heating and cooling. Wifi, running water, flushing toilet, refrigerator, coffee maker, and wine glasses round out the essentials. Outside, you have a fire pit for cooking and wine drinking.

Glamping in Virginia
One skillet campfire dinner

Cooking with Campfire

The best part of any vacation revolves around food, right? Here, you have cast iron cookware and everything you need to cook over a campfire. We picked up steaks, potatoes, and green beans from a random roadside grocery store … (Farmville has a Food Lion so you don’t need to risk roadside like we did) … and cooked it all in butter over the campfire flames.

The next day, the same skillet cooked bacon, fried eggs, and pancakes for breakfast.

Cooking over a campfire is food magic.

Even our picky 7-year-old daughter loved it.

Sandy River Outdoor Adventures also has an outdoor adventure park, chicken coop with chickens who lay eggs (sadly, foxes were scaring the chickens from laying eggs when we stayed!) and a DISTILLERY where you can drink spirits and wine outside. We enjoyed exploring this little area, which is a short walk from the Tipi land. You can also enjoy the pool and kids will love the little play area with swings.

Where to go glamping in Virginia

Sandy River Outdoor Adventures

Live your best glamping life

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