10 reasons why the GoPro is the best for travel videos

Why every mom will love a GoPro
GoPro for kids

You may think GoPros are just for mountain biking thrill seekers, but the little action camera is one of the best video cameras for moms, too. The camera is built for extreme sports. Chasing children is an extreme sport, right!? Fast-moving subjects, no time to focus a lens… you just need something you can point and shoot with one click, right? That’s why you’ll love the GoPro for kids videos. You don’t even need to turn it on. You just press one button and it starts rolling.

Here’s a video taken with the new GoPro 9 + edited with the GoPro app:

Why moms will love the GoPro for kids videos

  • stupid easy to use
  • high quality photos/videos
  • can handle a few drops
  • let’s you be in the moment

I LOVE photography and have had a DSLR, a Fuji x100f and now the Fuji XT30. I got the Fuji XT30 for video – and I love it – but I find the GoPro to be my favorite in most situations because it’s so easy to take excellent video with one click. It requires zero technical skill to operate to produce excellent quality photos and videos – plus it’s built to handle some stress like small children dropping it – and the lack of settings let’s you press a button, then be in the moment because you aren’t fussing with an f-stop or focus.

I’ve had two GoPros and absolutely love the pictures and videos I’ve captured on it. (see also: weekending with the GoPro)

Here are ten reasons why I’d tell any mom to get a GoPro to capture family vacations or just the everyday.

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1 | GoPros are durable.

The camera is built for extreme sports. Chasing children is an extreme sport. The camera is built to be mounted on mountain bikes, affixed to helmets on snowboarders, and around the chest of surfers.

GoPro for kids - underwater

2 | GoPro is waterproof.

You can take it to the beach, the pool, drop it in the toilet… GoPros don’t require a special case and water isn’t going to kill it.

3 | You can freeze video frames for a photo.

No more snapping and hoping to catch a smile. Just take video to capture the perfect photo. The GoPro app makes it easy to select a frame or ten to save as a photo. (Check out this album of GoPro pictures!)

4 | It’s tiny.

The camera is tiny and portable and lightweight. You can throw it in your purse and take it anywhere – whether you’re traveling or just headed to a playground, you have a camera ready to take great videos and photos.

GoPro for kids photos
Heritage Festival in Hilton Head

5 | The quality is top-notch.

Seriously, the video and photos that come out of that tiny little box are insane. Some of my favorite photos end up being the spontaneous GoPro photos rather than the ones taken with my more serious camera (a fuji xt30.) Is this a professional video camera? Nope. But it is definitely one of the best video cameras for moms on the market because it’s the perfect combo of being simple while taking excellent videos.

(video taken while drinking wine in Napa)

6| Video is super smooth.

It removes the shake you’ll find on other cameras (like a DSLR) – the camera has stability built into it. Even if you’ve been drinking wine, as evidenced by video above. The video is super smooth without any sort of editing.

7 | You can be in the moment.

The lack of settings makes this camera a point and shoot – really, you just press a button. Without the need to figure out controls and settings, you can just be in the moment while capturing it.

8 | You can hand it off to the kids

Kids have fun with a GoPro and you can feel confident handing it over to them – it’s funny to see what they capture!

(edited with premiere pro)

9 | You can get creative

This YouTube video has great tips on how best to capture video but some of the tips are super tech-y for a DSLR which you don’t need to worry about because the GoPro does those things automatically – but others, like adding motion and angles, are great trips on how to capture excellent video.

10 | The GoPro captures more moments with your kids in a cooler way

Bottom line is this: the camera takes zero thought to operate so it’s easy to take out and start shooting video. Since it’s so simple, you’ll do it more. Since it’s so small, you’ll carry it more places.

Editing with the GoPro App

The GoPro app is the COOLEST. Honestly, I’ve been teaching myself Premiere Pro to add captions, etc. but the editing process is time-consuming. I’ve tried all of the mobile apps and the GoPro App is by far the best. The app takes all of your clips and in seconds turns it into a really cool, professional-looking video you can share with friends & family. It’s actually a free app and you don’t need a GoPro to use it to create cool videos.

Where to buy the GoPro

So I have the GoPro Hero7 Black. I love it, I HIGHLY recommend it. However, the new GoPro8 looks super cool and has new accessories (“mods”) for even higher quality video – a speaker, a screen for selfies, and lights. If I were going to get a new one and didn’t care about saving money, I’d splurge on the 9 with all of the “mods” – but, if you want a deal, go for the Hero7 Black. You’ll love it!

I like to buy all of my camera equipment from Adorama because the customer service is excellent – you can always reach out if you have an issue. I have always had a great experience.

You also can’t go wrong buying straight from GoPro – they have excellent customer service and usually run great bundled deals. And of course Best Buy… deals, a human to talk to face to face, and points.

Favorite accessories: the little tripod called shorty, the floaty or the handler (a MUST in the pool!), I REALLY want a dog harness but haven’t sprung for it yet!

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