So cool: create GoPro pictures from the videos!

Weekending with the GoPro

You don’t need to be an extreme downhill skier to have fun with a GoPro

I think GoPro’s marketing is brilliant. While I am a teeny bit on the fray of their target market of millennial outdoor adventurers (both in age and lifestyle!) I bought into the concept and bought a GoPro for spring break. I love it for the video – but you can also freeze frames and to create GoPro pictures!

Things I immediately loved about the GoPro

one click to video or hold for 3 seconds to take a series of photos. No fiddling with settings. It’s just press a button, point and capture. Raw footage. I don’t even watch the screen so I actually participate in what we’re doing while holding the camera.(Mom photographers, you know what I’m talking about!)

The one thing that shocked me:

holy tiggets! the quality! Vibrant colors, clear imagery on photos, and sharp video. Somehow, this little camera captures excellent photos and videos without the need to adjust exposure. How does it do that?? It doesn’t matter. It just does.

I love to shoot candids straight from the camera. I have little patience for staging, styling, or editing. This camera is the best for family outdoor excursions and travel. Plus, the video editing GoPro app creates the coolest videos with minimal effort by piecing together 3 second clips and pairing with music beats. It automatically removes the sound – if you prefer – and creates simple, cool videos in minutes. I’ve tried many video editing apps. The GoPro app is by far superior to all of them if you want to create a fast-moving video with a fun song. The transitions, title intro, and video style are part of the templates.

My Editing Process

First, I download the videos (wirelessly) to my iPhone from the GoPro, select the video files I want to use in a video, and Quik creates it. I have a lot of control if I want on the clips, sounds, etc. – or I can have the app magically create a video for me. You also can choose frames for photos this way.

Buy a GoPro

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Gallery of GoPro Pictures from Videos

The GoPro app makes this super easy to look at your clips and choose a frame to turn into a still photo to share! So you don’t have to snap shots, you can just keep the video going and create the GoPro pictures later.

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