The best garment bag

A hanging bag that zips into a duffel bag. Genius!

You want one travel bag that does it all: hanging clothes, toiletries, shoes, folded clothes. I discovered the best garment bag keeps your hanging clothes straight. Zippered pockets for little items like jewelry. Open pockets to hold shoes. Space for everything else (t-shirts, socks, underpants, bathroom essentials.) You want to smash three travel bags into one.

Here’s your solution: the Ultimate Garment Bag by Stitch, a genius bag that zips up your hanging clothes into a duffel bag.

You can add shoes, the rest of your clothes into the middle.

One bag that does it all.

How cool is that!?

This is the only bag I packed for our recent weeklong trip to Wine Country – I zipped up 6 dresses into the hanging portion, then stuffed my sandals, workout clothes, makeup bag, etc. into the middle. We had plenty of places to do laundry, so this worked well.

Ultimate Garment Bag by Stitch

Shop Ultimate Garment Bag by Stitch, $318

Look, I know. Stitch is a golf company. BUT IT ISN’T JUST FOR GOLFERS. They are just the geniuses that turned a garment bag into a useful travel bag, and it happens to be a golf company.

Also, the price may seem steep but this bag is worth every penny. The fabric and stitching is substantial – this is one durable bag that will last you a long time.

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