A fantastic pocketable camera for travel

Capture quality videos and photos with the small Sony ZV1

Photographers, I’ve found the best pocket camera for travel and blogging: the tiny powerhouse Sony zv1.

The iPhone puts the world in your pocket. The video is shockingly professional. Photos (especially with the help of Lightroom editing) instantly become insta-worthy.

But, if you’re a photographer… you will want just a little bit better for travel. A little sharper. More clarity, depth of field, control.

Yet, you don’t want to lose the comfort that an inconspicuous camera adds to spur-of-the-moment situations. You want a point-and-shoot camera that won’t attract stares, doesn’t require a whole lot of effort, and can capture the moment beautifully.

Professional capabilities, in an itty bitty living space. Is that impossible?

Sony ZV1 review

After exhaustive research, I honed in on the Sony ZV1 as the best compact camera to take thoughtlessly excellent videos while on the go. I didn’t want to capture our California Wine vacation on my phone – and I wanted great video rather than just photos this trip.

All of the reviews focus on the video – but I’ve found the photos to be excellent, too! I’ve been using the Fuji XT30 for photography and I LOVE THAT CAMERA SO MUCH but it’s not a camera I feel comfortable whipping out in a restaurant, or carrying in my bag. It’s bulky.

The Sony ZV1 is tiny.

When you’re traveling, you can’t have a complicated camera or you’ll miss the moments and miss the shots. You want a camera that doesn’t require much effort.

This tiny camera is capable of taking high quality photos and videos with minimal effort.

I tend to leave it in automatic active mode, which takes smooth and vibrant videos.

After reading and watching a million reviews, the only thing I really cared about what seeing the actual videos taken with it… so here you go.

Here’s a Sony ZV1 video example:

Buy the Sony ZV1

Best Buy has the camera on display, so you can see what it looks like!

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