Fancy Southern Comfort Food at 44 & King

Wear your favorite relaxed-fit jeans and try the Hot Brown at this cool Southern pub
44 & King BBQ

44 & King opened a few years ago and it skyrocketed to the top of every local’s favorite list. Conveniently located in the middle of Myrtle Beach in a pretty, well-lit shopping center with plenty of parking, this cool restaurant offers plenty of outdoor space for games as well as a spacious interior.

44 & King Vibe: Hipster family-friendly

44 and king dip trio
dip trio

This is a great spot to bring your family for dinner, meet friends for cocktails, or escape on a date night. It’s not too fancy for kids, not too basic for adults.

You could dine in your athleisure attire or a cute boho dress from Centro. Both would be acceptable, but it’s always more fun to get dressed and go out, right? You’ll run into friends if you’re a local, but visitors will find this bright locals’ favorite equally as welcoming. The outside is busy with plenty to do. Parents like to sip on a beer while watching their kids play the games outside. Friends are competing at cornhole.

Inside, sports fans are cheering on their teams from the beautiful wooden bar. The restaurant has a friendly buzz with conversations from dates, families, and friends.

44 & king

44 and king menu

The 44 & King menu has so many tempting options, it’s always tough to choose what to order. We love the trio of dips accompanied by pork rinds and toast. Pork rinds, while not a snack I’d normally request, weirdly add the perfect crunch to the gooey, cheesy, creamy dips. You can give it the side eye, but still try it.

The BBQ sandwich is an amalgamation of all good Southern foods: fried onions, creamy Cole slaw, tangy barbecue sauce, and shredded smoked pork on a fluffy bun. How’d you like my use of an SAT word in this review? A sophisticated and thoughtful sandwich necessitates an equally sophisticated and thoughtful word. This isn’t your typical BBQ sandwich.

Now, let’s talk about the Hot Brown.

The Hot Brown is chicken on toast with melted cheese, topped with BACON and a tomato, snuggled up to collard greens. I ordered this once, and have ordered it every time since. I can’t stop. Probably won’t stop? It’s irresistible once you try it. 5 stars highly recommend.

44 and King Food Photos (yum!)

44 & King

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