Will’s Quick, Easy Chili Recipe is a Crowd Favorite

Easy chili recipe
Will’s chili

Chili people get serious about their chili and many recipes may be delicious, but way too complicated for your average weeknight dinner. Here’s an easy chili recipe that takes less than hour to make. Plus, the leftovers are almost better than the original!

Many moons ago, Will and I competed in an ICS Chili Cookoff at Snowshoe Mountain in WV. People are serious about their chili at a Chili Cookoff when the grand prize is $10,000. We were serious about our theme.

Our chili’s name was “Pirates of the Chilibbean” and my professional event planner chef friend, Jodie, themed out our tent. We even featured a realistic Captain Jack Sparrow (with eyeliner) who got completely into character by enjoying too much rum. A cooler of beer was involved. The day was extraordinary. Our chili was not extraordinary but it didn’t matter – we won the Best in Show award which is way cooler than winning the best recipe.

Beans are prohibited in competition chili. I could never figure out why, as beans seem to be a main ingredient in most chilis you order??

Will’s chili would not be eligible for a sanctioned chili cookoff, but it’s super simple and easy to make. He made a huge batch of it while we were on vacation at Primland, and thought I’d share his secret.

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