These FlavCity tacos will change your Taco Tuesday forever

Rosé, tacos, and friends? Does it really get any better than that? YES. It can get exponentially better if you cook this particular taco recipe. Bobby Parish’s FlavCity Beef Tacos are so simple to make but are so much better than any tacos I’ve ever made or ordered.

Bobby Parish’s FlavCity YouTube and recipe site are my new addiction – he explains which beef to buy in a grocery store, how to pick out a carton of eggs (free range? brown? pasture raised?) and then goes into Costco and Aldi to pick out snacks.

Bobby also cooks a recipe on live YouTube each week – and we watched the entire episode of his tacos. They looked so delicious, I daydreamed about them for two days before I actually made them.

This recipe is a winner – so much so, we’ll be adding more of his recipes to our meal mix.

Taco Saturday resulted in an impromptu party with friends, and the tacos wowed the crowd.

Good thing we had a few bottles of Charles & Charles Rosè chilled. Tacos + friends + rosé + easy hits apple radio station makes for a laidback Saturday night.

While I was in the grocery store, I tried to just get a taco seasoning packet rather than pile in the 10 or so spices required to make Bobby’s taco seasoning – but “noooo,” my husband warned, “Bobby says it’s important to use his spice recipe.” Begrudgingly, I piled them all in the shopping cart. The result was definitely worth the spice investment – the flavor is unique and delicious and addictive.

Plus, the slaw adds a crunch and creaminess that make the entire taco so much different than your regular El Paso kit version.

The clincher: pickled red onions in lime juice. This totally made the guacamole, and added a tart punch on the taco.

Tip: make a double recipe of the guacamole because it’s so good, ours was gone before we had the chance to spoon it on top of the tacos.

I am ready to make these again, and again, and again…

FlavCity Taco Recipe

FlavCity Ground Beef Tacos Recipe + guacamole recipe is worth adding, too

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