Creamy and tangy blistered green beans

My mother declared after the first bite of these FlavCity creamy, tangy blistered green beans, “this is the best thing I have ever eaten.” About a GREEN BEAN. I glowed with pride. I cooked something wow-worthy.

I am not a fancy chef, nor do I typically cook anything that makes someone else say, “wow!”

The recipe is so, so simple. Sauté green beans and then toss in a homemade dressing. Anyone can do it with the recipe, and the ingredients. But it tastes like a professional chef prepared it.

One week later… I’m practically a chef

But my future as a fancy home chef is not bleak. My cooking skills have been transformed in just one week of watching YouTube videos. (equal parts YAY and YIKES.)

FlavCity recipes and videos have totally changed the way we cook. Seriously. I had a similar OMG experience with the tacos we made. We’ve learned avocado mayo is a healthier and equally delicious substitute for mayo to create a creamy dressing. And did you know that extra virgin olive oil is not a great high heat cooking oil (a mistake I’ve made for my entire adult life!?) I’m sure these are rudimentary kitchen basics somehow I’ve missed over the years. Instead of pleasantly sautéing like the recipes described, I’ve been obliterating olive-oil soaked chicken stuck like a suction cup to the bottom of a stainless steel pan. We made the switch to avocado oil, and suddenly the chicken cooks the way the recipe says it’s supposed to and sears instead of sticks. It’s a miracle!

The thing I like about Bobby is that he is such a great teacher in the videos – and is fun and interactive while he cooks – throwing out information about cooking while making a recipe. As a result, I’ve learned so many kitchen basics I never knew.

Most importantly, we have discovered healthy food doesn’t need to be bland.

Bobby calls these green beans in his “insane sauce” a “flavor bomb,” an accurate description. These green beans are, in fact, insanely delicious. Also, the chicken is incredible. The spice, the butter (we actually used dairy-free butter) and the sautéed garlic make this a make-again-and-again dish. Add a food-friendly white wine like Butter Chardonnay (I mean, you are eating butter chicken!) and you’ve just made a better dinner than a chef-prepared restaurant meal.

blistered green beans
blistered green beans

Here’s the video – which, I actually watched while making the chicken and green beans. The links to both recipes are below as well!

Recipe Links

Blistered Green Beans with Insane Sauce Recipe
Blistered Green Beans with Insane Sauce Recipe

This recipe will make you realize you can make food just as delicious as a chef in a restaurant, and it’s so simple to make.

Keto Butter Chicken
Keto Butter Chicken

SO GOOD. The spice, the butter (we actually used dairy-free butter) and the sautéed garlic make this a make-again-and-again dish.

Do you have a favorite cooking channel or cookbook? PLEASE SHARE. I feel like my life has been changed in the past week and I’m sure there are more channels to watch. Comment below!


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