Café Gelato is quick, gourmet, and Euro-chic

Obviously, don't skip the gelato

Sandwiches, soups, salads, and sweets: Café Gelato nails all of the s’s for a superb lunch spot. Service is quick and friendly. Quality is gourmet. There is no other word to describe the interior other than “cool.”

The bright, European-chic interior creates a sophisticated atmosphere, yet the convenience of counter service mollifies the stress of time-sensitive lunch customers (aka impatient patrons…) Staff takes your order at the counter (strategically placed next to the pastry case) and then you take a seat.

For lunch, you’ll find a mix of sandwiches and soups including a classic BLT, an Italian, a seasonal berry salad, and Italian Caprese. For those that like variety, you don’t have to commit to just one. “Pick two” instead: your choice of a soup, salad, or half of a sandwich. The moment the calendar turns from August to September, even though the heat is still the same blazing hot summer swelter, I’m in the mood for soups for fall. The day we dined, the soup of the day (soup du jour!) was a delightful tomato bisque.

This is the spot to meet a friend when you want a great lunch (or brunch!) without the wait.

Obviously, don’t skip the gelato.

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Go. Cafe Gelato on Business 17 in Myrtle Beach and online at

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