Stasher Bags

The best reusable storage bags for snacks, soups, and leftovers. Reheat in the bag, too!

Replace your disposable plastic bags with cool silicone Stasher Bags. They are dishwasher safe, microwave friendly, can be used in a sous vid, great for the freezer and are oven-safe up to 425 degrees. How crazy is that? You can store and then reheat your food in the same container.


The founder Kat Nouri created Stasher Bag as an alternative to single use plastics, and they have so many uses. The silicon is thick and substantial, and the seal is strong. You can marinate meats, store soups (and freeze! Then reheat!) and store your leftovers in these bags.

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Stasher Bags Picks

Stand-Up Mid Bag: The most upstanding citizen in the Stasher lineup, making life better everywhere it goes. Perfect for bulk shoppers, coffee connoisseurs, marinade masters, and kitchen drawer pack-rats. Keep food fresh at home, slosh-proof your soups, or protect your purse from messy makeup spills. 100% pure platinum silicone· Non-toxic· 3D pocket for even more storage· Pinch-Loc™ seal· Dishwasher and microwave safe· Endlessly reusable· Write on it!

Mixed Lunch 5-Pack: We can’t legally say that our Mojave collection is magical. But we’re not going to deny it, either. Inspired by the land of dreams, extremes, and ancient wisdom, a Mojave Stasher bag carries the spirit of adventure wherever you go — and keeps it totally fresh. 1% of all Mojave Collection sales will be donated to the Mojave Desert Land Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving desert lands for generations to come. 

Starter Kit 7-Pack: It’s called a Starter Kit, but this bountiful collection works miracles all by itself.  You get a plastic-free answer to school lunches, a sanity-saving organizer for parental units, and a waste-free solution to pretty much everything you stick in less-colorful containers. Be advised: once you get started with Stasher, you’ll only want more.

Stasher’ s Brand Story

“It seemed like your typical Wednesday as Stasher Founder Kat Nouri packed her kids’ lunch. But in one of those dramatic lightbulb movie moments, Kat realized just how much single-use plastic waste she and her family were producing every day, and so she went on the hunt for an alternative.

What she found was an opportunity to create a totally unique and revolutionary product. Something beautiful, something functional, something you could reuse over and over again — inside and outside the kitchen.

With a background in designing and developing silicone textiles, Kat produced the world’s first patented, self-sealing platinum silicone storage bag that gives back to the planet with every sale, and every time you use it.”


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