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Grit and Grace Studio’s elegant adjustable bracelets and accessoriesmake the perfect gift for friends, co-workers, sisters, and moms.

Wear this elegant bracelet as a reminder that not everything starts out beautiful and perfect. Sometimes the irritants in our lives help us to grow something beautiful, like an oyster makes a pearl. Grit and Grace studio’s bracelets make the perfect gift for friends, sisters, co-workers, and moms.

I’ve given these as gifts to special women in my life who show that grace through grit. Not only are they are pretty, to me, they represent the quality in a driven woman who powers through sticky situations with poise.

As a reminder: how oysters make pearls…Pearls are formed in oysters when something slips into the oyster shell. The oyster reacts and covers the irritant with the same substance that creates the shell, eventually forming a pearl.

About Grit and Grace Studio

And you can feel good about shopping with Grit & Grace studio. This South Carolina, woman-founded company creates beautiful jewelry and home accessories. In addition, the company works to restore the oyster shell shortage along the Coast. Oysters need oyster shells to grow, so recycling oyster shells help the reproduction process. Founder Rachel Gordon recycles 10 oyster shells for every Grit & Grace oyster sold.

Why oysters? Oysters improve water quality with their natural filtration abilities, protect the shoreline by preventing erosion, and create reefs which provide habitats for sea life.

Four different styles are available, but all feature the adjustable chain. This gorgeous bracelet will make an excellent gift for every woman in your life!

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