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Boost your brain with a colorful, pretty jigsaw puzzle

Taking time to sit and solve a puzzle is such a mental break because it requires focus. All other thoughts are drowned out by concentrating on finding the next piece. I particularly like Eeboo’s 1000 piece puzzles. The pieces are sturdy and not flimsy. Plus, the designs are gorgeous, so it’s like artwork on the table.

Eeboo pretty puzzles


Pretty, artsy puzzles with cheerful designs

eeboo puzzles are the best. Choose from pretty, happy designs that will cheer up any room. Bonus: eeBoo is a women-owned company! If you’re looking for a pretty selection of 1000 piece puzzles for adults, this brand is will be your new favorite. You can also find a great options for kids.

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Benefits of jigsaw puzzles

According to South Mountain Memory Care, solving jigsaw puzzles helps improve your memory by stimulating your brain. They are also an excellent stress reliever, improve your attention span, and improve your short-term memory.

Jigsaw puzzles on Amazon: Prime fans, eeboo has a shop on Amazon, so you can get your new puzzle in two days!

Eeboo pretty puzzles

eeboo founder

“When I started eeBoo, I did not know what a gift it would be to be able to build a business and a family at the same time. Twenty-five years ago, I wanted to create a new paradigm for what it meant to be a working Mother. I refused to embrace the compromise of work versus family–I was determined to have it all in one place, one self-perpetuating organism.

So I made my office in the basement of my house where I could be close to my kids and they could experience it, understand it, and help us with what we did.” eeBoo’s Founder, President, and Creative Director Mia Galison

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