5 Minute Beautycounter Makeup Routine

Beautycounter makeup favorites


My goal for my morning makeup routine is to look like myself, but not as tired. I love that beautycounter is picky about their ingredients, which is a nice side benefit. I really just love the products. Here’s my Beautycounter makeup routine, typically performed with a lukewarm cup of coffee.

pink blush stick

Morning Makeup Routine


  • I put a light layer of the dew skin tint. This light foundatio has a tint of color (hence the name) and sunscreen. I put it all over my face as a foundation.
  • Then, I swipe concealer under my eyes, and any other spots I feel need concealing.
  • If you feel like extra: I also love the beautycounter foundation if I really want to even out my skin tone. I’ll spray the rosewater spray on a sponge and add the foundation on top.

Blush & Bronzer

  • The color pinch cream blusher is like lipstick for your cheeks. I love both the hibiscus for rosy cheeks and the caramel for a natural sun-kissed look. I also love the powder blush in nectar, which has a natural pink color that doesn’t look too blush-y.
  • If you feel like extra: I also love the radiant bronzer in dune. Try a a kabuki brush – dab, don’t swipe for the best natural look!


  • The classic eyeshadow palette is the prettiest mix of bronzes, coppers, neutrals, and smokey shades a girl on the go could want. I usually mix a little bit of ivory and copper to brighten my eyes and move on to mascara.
  • If you feel like extra: Sometimes, I use the liquid eyeliner for some drama.
  • I spent a year trying to find the perfect mascara that would not smudge. I did not want to try beautycounter because I thought the liklihood of a non-toxic mascara being superior than the brands not limited by tech was zero. But I got a sample and WHAT? My eyelashes don’t look clumpy – the just look long and pretty and it doesn’t smudge. I like the lengthening mascara the best, and I’ve tried both.


  • You’d think lipstick without the chemicals would last about five minutes, but the color intense lipstick stays put after a cup of coffee and a commute. I love both the colors in the duo. I love the bold Little Black Dress, a pretty berry shade. Darker colors are unusual for me, since I rarely wear lipstick. I’ve even worn the beautycounter red in public!!
  • I don’t always wear lipstick and usually opt for the lipgloss in opal. It’s glossy with a tinge of pink and I just look polished after I’ve swiped it on my lips.

And that, friends, is the end of my makeup routine. It takes less than five minutes.

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