Affordable natural beauty products for glowing winter skin

Beautycounter Classic Eyeshadow Palette

My motto on switching to natural beauty products: If I can find a safer option that works, I’ll make a switch. Natural dandruff control shampoo that leaves my hair silky, smooth, and my scalp free from itchiness? Yes, please! Aluminum-free, natural deodorant that leaves my stinky by 3pm? Nope, give me an unnatural product that prevents B.O. 

If you’re trying to find affordable natural beauty products to make safer switches, but don’t want to spend a fortune, we’ve researched the best natural brands and tested them to find the very best products that work. 

1. Acure Brilliantly Brightening

a Skincare line if you want baby soft skin

All of the other natural skincare brands dried my skin out, until I decided to pick up the Acure Day Cream. At a price point of $10 (instead of my former $49 lotion that didn’t quite work right), I feel like I’ve won the face lotion lottery. It is brilliant, just like the label claims. After trying the day cream, I’ve also quickly gotten obsessed with the face wash, the face scrub, and the face serum. Together, my entire skin makeup routine plummeted from around $150 a month to about $50 a month. Hallelujah!! Available at Whole Foods, Target, Amazon… cheapest prices I’ve found are at Thrive Market.

2. Dry Shampoo

skip the shampoo and blowout

Recommended for the morning rush, best daily makeup – dry shampoo comes in as a resounding necessity for working women on the go. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo is a natural option for days when you skip the full shampoo and blow out before you head to work.

3. Beautycounter Makeup

look flawless in five (it’s true; you can)

Beautycounter makeup is the best natural makeup you can find, all wrapped in pretty packaging, which isn’t essential but it does make opening your makeup drawer feel luxurious and fun when you’re trying to lighten up dark circles under your eyes and swipe on lipgloss to look polished in the a.m. Read our five minute makeup routine for the products to make you look fantastic every day.

4. Jason Shampoo

cure an itchy winter scalp

I’ve never been diagnosed, but I have googled this, so I am pretty certain I have some type of dry scalp / dandruff issue since I have dandruff and I have an itchy, dry scalp. I won’t go into the medical terms of the disorders I’m positive I’ve developed, but I have found a cure, and you can get it on Amazon if you experience the same issue! Jason natural dandruff shampoo is a paraben-free dandruff shampoo without the junk… and it WORKS. After one use – JUST ONE – my scalp turned into a regular person scalp and it’s been a miracle. Plus, my hair is silky and shiny and looks fantastic. 

5. Julep for nails

quick-drying home manicures

Manicures are time consuming, and quite frankly, boring. Watch your favorite show and paint your nails in a few minutes. Julep nail polish is free from chemicals, and doesn’t take as long to dry, making a home manicure easy peasy. My friends are astounded that I change up my nails so frequently but I swear it only takes a few minutes and I let them dry while watching TV or scrolling on my iPad. Julep offers a monthly subscription so you can get fun new colors to keep your nails in season ✌️  

Favorite Brands

Skincare Brilliantly Brightening line by Acure (available at Whole Foods, Thrive Market, Amazon, and Target)

Makeup Beautycounter (favorite), Pacifica (discovered through my Ipsy subscription), and Julep for nails 

Haircare Not Your Mother’s, Beautycounter, and Jason’s 

Nails Julep and Jenna Hipp

Most affordable place to shop for natural beauty products

Whole Foods, Thrive Market, the natural beauty aisle at Target, CVS, and Amazon are all excellent sources for affordable natural beauty products. 

Winner: Thrive Market’s claim to have savings on natural brands seems to hold true: I’ve done the price comparisons on products, and Thrive consistently has the lowest price. 

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