Which natural deodorant is the best? Here are two that pass the smell check.

Regular deodorant with aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s, cancers, and people that don’t smell offensive. Natural deodorants have the well-deserved reputation of not working, but also don’t carry the health risks. I went in search of the best natural deodorant… does it exist? Here’s my journey to find a clean deodorant that doesn’t make me smell like a garbage can.

Natural deodorant benefits

I’d like to be a person that doesn’t emanate an offensive scent.

In addition, minimizing the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s is ideal. I’d like to point out here I don’t feel quitting mainstream deodorant is on the same level as quitting smoking, and that the links are not concrete. I just wanted to explore the natural deodorants, and if I found one that worked – great. If not, I was ready to stick with my regular anti-persperant and wasn’t going to sweat it. (See what I did there?)

I skimmed a few articles about switching, which further planted seeds of doubt whether or not this was a good idea. But then I thought, blog post content!!! PLUS I had more people comment on my post about it than anything else I’ve ever posted on Facebook, so clearly this is a topic curious to people. So, I pursued my dream of finding a natural deodorant that worked… or didn’t… and being able to write about the process. Here it goes!

I tried four natural deodorants (Tom’s, Native, Lavinila, and Schmidt’s) over a six week period. I recently updated to include the Beautycounter Clean Deo.

A Deodorant Detox

I used the Beautycounter charcoal mask on my armpits to “detox” them after reading it takes awhile to get your armpits used to a natural deodorant. Based on no scientific research or even a blog post suggesting it, I thought a charcoal mask would speed up the process. Seems logical, right? Also ridiculous.

Natural deodorant reviews: which is best?

A Natural Deodorant is best when it passes the smell check.

3 clean deodorants that made me smell dirty

  • Ship it to Me: I wanted to like Schmidt’s for one reason: Amazon Prime. However, putting it on felt like dried-out chapstick. Ugh.
  • Drug-Store Advantage: Tom’s is available at Rite-Aid, so the easiest to find and buy… but doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work.
  • Smell Ya Later: Native was recommended to me by my go-to hippie friend. Native failed me. Big time. I spent about 30 minutes outside and the deodorant did not deodorize. This is some true blog honesty here: I spent the rest of the day standing a good three feet away from co-workers. Then I washed my dress three times. Ew!

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2 natural deodorants that actually worked


And then, when I was about to give up this search… Lavinila arrived in sport scent which smells like fresh dryer sheets and rolls on as smooth as lotion. My smell check at noon at work: PASS. Again at the end of the day: PASS. Running for 30 minutes? PASS.

I can wear it all day and not smell like gym socks. “Well, it’s fall, so it’s not that hot,” you may be thinking. NOT HERE IN SOUTH CAROLINA. It’s been hot as blazing July so far this fall. Lavanila has passed the heat test. I’ve been wearing it for a month and all smell checks have passed!

Disclaimer: one day I wore Lavinila and it LaFailed. It was a scorching hot day, I was at an event, and I smelled like a trash compactor for the rest of the day. I switched after that situation, which may have been a little unfair. Give it a try.

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Beautycounter Clean Deodorant: the winner

Marketing tried to make “clean deo” a thing like Gretchen in Mean Girls tried to make “fetch” a thing. It’s not a thing. What is a thing: a natural deodorant that actually WORKS. YAY! Beautycounter Clean Deodorant is the winner for me. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, I smell like roses. If you don’t want to smell like roses, you can try the lavender or coconut scents. I’ve endured sweaty days outside in the sweltering sun and a workout without smelling like a compost pile, so I’m calling this the winner. I don’t need to reapply. Plus, you order replacements for the canister so you’re saving the earth with less trash. And you don’t smell like trash!

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