Should you switch to clean beauty products?

The hype behind clean skincare & beauty products
Clean skincare

Natural, non-toxic, clean, paraben-free, green brands have infiltrated mom blogs and magazines and instagram feeds. What is the hype behind clean skincare & beauty products? Target has an entire aisle featured to clean beauty products. Ads will chase you around the internet. Influencers tout their latest clean skincare find. You may be intrigued, curious. Why are all of these moms switching from their regular brands to these new, clean skincare & beauty products? Here’s the dirt on clean skincare & beauty products.

What does clean beauty mean?

What’s allowed in beauty products in the USA is questionable.

It’s pretty simple. The United States has banned only 11 ingredients. In contrast, Europe banned 1,300 ingredients. The beauty industry self-regulates. Serious reform has not happened 80 years.

Harpers Bazaar explains, “Of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products, one in seven have been found to be industrial chemicals that are well-established carcinogens, pesticides, and hormone disruptors. Your favorite skin care products could contain anything from plasticizers (chemicals used to keep concrete soft) to degreasers (used to get grime off auto parts) to surfactants (used in paint and inks).”

Harpers Bazaar

Yikes. Basically, clean beauty products have safer ingredients.

Clean skincare products are more accessible now.

You don’t need Gwyneth’s annual income in order to afford clean beauty products in 2021. Yes, you can still spend a small fortune on some brands, but you have plenty of options for skincare and beauty products in stores and online. Beauty products with better ingredients are joining the shelves at Target, CVS, and grocery stores because the demand is on the rise. Sephora dedicated an entire section and label called Clean at Sephora.

Should you make the switch to safer beauty products?

Or, maybe the question is: why not make the switch? There really isn’t a compelling reason, unless you swear by a certain brand or product. A few years ago, clean beauty brands were scarce, expensive, and hard to find. Now, you have plenty of options. If you are brand-loyal to one particular product, you may want to research the ingredients and then make a decision.

The good news: so many brands have entered the market with excellent products using clean ingredient.

Clean skincare brands to try

These are my go-to clean skincare and beauty brands I’ve purchased over and over again. They all perform great, have clean ingredients, and are not exorbitantly expensive.

  • Acure has the most affordable and effective skincare & hair care products, all available at Target
  • Beautycounter has it all: makeup, skincare, hair care, and a men’s line! Beautiful packaging, excellent products.
  • Biossance anti-aging skincare line actually works! My current favorite. Plus, the starter sets makes this an affordable option.
  • Clean at Sephora is an entire collection of clean brands to browse!
  • Love Beauty & Planet’s hair mask will make your hair feel like silk
  • Drunk Elephant has hair care and skincare products that get consistently great reviews

Clean Makeup Brands to Try

  • Ilia Beauty has OMG the best, high performance makeup for a natural look
  • Milk has a line of makeup and skincare items, including a great multi-stick for blush & lips!
  • Thrive Causemetics has the best mascara you’ll ever use, clean or not
  • Honest Company has a wide lineup of makeup, baby products, you name it… Jessica Alba created it. Plus all super affordable. Try the magic balm.

Favorite Clean Beauty Products to Try

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