Clean up your skincare routine

Day and night skincare routine, in order, with clean products
Clean skincare routine

The number of skincare products we’re supposed to layer on our face is staggering: cleanser, oils, serums, moisturizers, toners, sunscreens, and that’s before you even get into the hybrids like a tinted moisturizer sunscreen. What in the WORLD are you supposed to put on your face to look the youngest and healthiest? That’s the goal, right? here’s the proper day and night clean skincare routine, thanks to clean beauty brand Biossance.

One of the reasons I LOOOOOVE Biossance is that on the website, the company actually explains each skincare routine step. I know that seems obvious, but no other company does this as well as Biossance does. I know what products to buy and when to use them. I LOVE the Biossance anti-aging skincare line – my skin is transformed after using it. Am I completely wrinkle-free with zero signs of aging? No, it’s not Botox. But, my sunspots aren’t prominent and my skin is smooth and doesn’t feel like sandpaper. So, winning the 40s skin game.

Let’s bring it back to the topic of this blog post: the actual order we’re supposed to apply the arsenal of products we’ve accumulated to wage war on wrinkles. THANK YOU, BIOSSANCE. This graphic answers a life-long question that’s perplexed me each morning: I washed my face last night, isn’t it clean? And here’s the answer: skip cleansing. Oh, ok. Well, that makes a lot of sense. Just splash on some toner and get your serum on. Four decades of dutifully washing my face morning + night, and one infographic explained the obvious.

Here’s my current clean skincare line-up:


Beautycounter Countertime Minteral Boost Hydrating Essence.

Eye Treatment

Let me blow your mind: use this around your eyes AND lips to reduce wrinkles. Woah, I know.

(also part of the biossance anti-aging basics set)


Squalene + Phyto-Retinol Serum: Pretty sure this is why my skin looks so smooth & even.

(also part of the biossance anti-aging basics set)


This is the reason I love biossance. I’ve tried other less expensive moisturizers (acure) and I love Beautycounter Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream but this is a day + night cream that truly makes my skin feel balanced.

(also part of the biossance anti-aging basics set)


Once you try an oil cleanser, you’ll never want to try one that suds.


Oooh, I’m not sure what this does but I love it and makes my skin glow.

Anti-Aging Basics Set

The best deal on a clean skincare routine you’ll find.


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