Flattering Fall Makeup

From clean beauty brands Ilia, Beautycounter, and RMS

Look your best in minutes with these pretty fall makeup looks from brands including Beautycounter, Ilia, and RMS. I’ve tried SO MANY products in search of the ones that don’t have questionable ingredients, look natural, and stay on most of the day. Here are the clean beauty products for the prettiest fall makeup looks.

But let me first point out: the prettiest face is natural. Start with skincare. Read about the routine that’s made my skin glow: Biossance reviews. Internal beauty starts with a giving spirit. You are already beautiful. Makeup is fun.

Fall Makeup Looks from Beautycounter, Ilia, Beauty Pie and Thrive

Fall Makeup Base

Glow First Priming Serum from Beautycounter makes your makeup stay on longer + gives a pretty glow, and Beautycounter Foundation is a great natural base to even out your skin tone.

Cream Bronzer for Fall

I’ve searched high and low for a natural looking bronzer that doesn’t have a weird yellow undertone AND stays on all day. This bronzer EXISTS. And, it’s made in Charleston, South Carolina – how cool is that!? RMS beauty, a brand you’ll find on Thrive Market and Amazon and Grove Collaborative is just a few hours south of Myrtle Beach. They have a million products I want to try, but I’m currently obsessed with the bronzer which stays on all day. Plus, the brushes. Buriti Cream Bronzer by rms beauty available at Sephora

Cream Eye Shadows for Fall

Cream Eye Shadows For Fall
Cream Eye Shadows

I’m not going to call any brands out (should I though!?) but I’ve tried a LOT of cream eye shadows. They look great from the time I swipe them on my eyelids until the time I arrive in the office. After that, nope… they disappear.

ILIA cream eyeshadows are the exception: they stay on ALL. DAY. LONG. Like a champ, this eyeshadow is in it to win it. I love the colors, and GLEAM is the one to try first, which brightens up your eyes. Then, I layer on Fresco in the crease for a pretty look. They are so flattering and easy to wear! Shop ILIA cream eyeshadows

I love Ilia makeup. The brand uses clean ingredients, the makeup all doubles as skincare, too – and all of the products I’ve tried have staying power.

Easiest Eyeliner

The number of eyeliners I’ve tried is somewhat embarrassing. Let me just tell you 2 things: 1) I’m terrible at drawing a straight line and 2) Liquid eyeliners are the easiest to use. Some dry out quickly. Some liquid eyeliners are goopy. Pencil eyeliners don’t glide, even when they promise to. The Beauty Pie eyeliner is the BEST – it’s a felt tip eyeliner that glides on over eyeshadow smooth and thin, stays on all day, lasts a long time, and doesn’t goop up. Shop Beauty Pie eyeliner

Fall Blush + Lipgloss

The finishing touches – a pretty blush on the cheeks, a little color on the lips. ILIA lipgloss in Linger is the perfect berry shade for fall. It’s a subtle, flattering color that has just enough pigment to make you look polished. The best product I’ve found in 2021 is the Ilia Multi-Use Color Haze in Before Today, which is a dusty mauve shade, which you can put on your cheeks, lips, and eyes… ILIA Before Today is a gorgeous fall color for a happy flush on your cheeks and pink matte on your lips.

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