Dairy-Free Snacks to Buy from Thrive Market

These are kid-approved & loved by parents, too

Thrive market snacks

In our continued effort to find dairy-free snacks for lunches and the incessant “I’m HUNNNNNNGRY” demands, we ordered a bunch of snacks from Thrive Market, which offers different options than our local grocery stores. Publix, Lowes Foods, Fresh Market, and Costco all carry an excellent selection of snacks and dairy-free finds as well.

Here are the ones we ordered from thrive that our kids liked. Enjoy the video at the end!

Orgain Kids O Bars

These are a school lunch and on-the-go staple. Our kids love both the chocolate chip and the brownie bars. Also great for on-the-go breakfast with coffee for parents!

Enjoy Life Cookies

Publix carries this brand, too. Both the chocolate chip and chocolate Enjoy Life cookies are dairy-free and delicious! Check out our blog post for more dairy-free chocolate ice cream & treats.

Coconut Oil Potato Chips

These aren’t healthy but they are the best potato chips! Extra crunchy and salty and superb. A great snack for champagne and Netflix for a Friday wine night in 🥂

Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

We got little bags and they were gone in days – kids LOVED them for snacks and lunches.

Coffee to wake up

We love the Thrive Market coffee. It has notes of dark chocolate, toffee, and caramel which goes unnoticed until the caffeine kicks in.

Kids didn’t love the puffs, but I ate them all…

Taste Test Video

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Dairy-free snacks for kids from Thrive Market
Thrive Market delivery

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