Dairy-free chocolate & ice cream your kids will love

Our daughter (4) is a chocolate lover. And an ice-cream lover. Also really loves yogurt. Basically, she loves all things dairy but we have to limit them for her. (She is not allergic, but has an intolerance.) We’ve tried every dairy-free snack and cookie we can find. So, if you’re trying a dairy-free diet for the new year or have kids who need to limit dairy, too – these are the brands & items we’ve discovered our little girl loves. Here’s a round-up of the dairy-free chocolate & ice cream that are kid-approved:

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So Delicious Ice Cream Bars & Sandwiches

We have to keep So Delicious ice cream sandwiches stocked in the freezer. She LOVES these. Plus, they are a small, snackable size so they make for a great treat. The chocolate ice cream bars are another favorite.

So Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream

This is actually so delicious and tastes like coconuts and chocolate. She loves this ice cream. Me, too!

Lara Brownie Bars

These do not say dairy-free but milk is not listed as an ingredient. She loves these and these are great for the lunchbox. And maybe the occasional breakfast 🙂

Orgain O Bars

We love the chocolate brownie and chocolate chip bars – these are excellent to pack in lunches! Both of our kids love these… and I do, too!

The brand has a cool story: “The origins of Orgain began when, at age 17, Dr. Andrew Abraham, MD, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of tissue cancer. After finding basic nutrition shakes were loaded with artificial ingredients, Abraham started blending organic shakes at home with his mom’s help. As a cancer survivor and medical doctor, he now makes it his mission to formulate drinks that might actually make a difference in the health of others.”

Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips & Bars

Enjoy Life chocolate tastes just like regular chocolate. Both the bars and chips are an excellent dairy-free alternative to regular chocolate. The little chocolate chip snack packs are good to keep in the pantry.

Where to buy

In Myrtle Beach, the best dairy-free selections can be found at Publix & Fresh Market. Online, you can’t beat Thrive Market’s selection or pricing. We get all of her favorite snacks and dairy-free cookies from Thrive Market for convenience and cost. The pricing is always cheaper on Thrive than at the grocery store. Our staples include the Lara bars, Orgain Kids, and EnjoyLife chocolate chips.

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