Taste Test: Vegan Rob’s Puffs

Vegan Rob's puffs

My 4-year old could subsist on Cheetos puffs and its fancier cousin, Pirate’s Booty. When she switched to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, snacks have been our biggest obstacle. We’ve pretty much purchased all of the least gross sounding snacks from Fresh Market, Lowes Foods, Publix, and Thrive Market. I am happy to report Vegan Rob’s Puffs are a winner!

My 9 year-old taste-tested the Brussels sprouts puffs (which I was reluctant to hand over because I was eating them), “They smell awful, but taste good!” A ringing endorsement.

My daughter grabbed the bag of non-dairy Cheddar puffs and headed outside, eating straight from the bag. Huge win.

So who is Vegan Rob? He is the founder of PIRATE’S BOOTY. Obviously, Rob knows how to make a snack that kids will devour. His original company, Robert’s American Gourmet Food, was acquired by another company so he moved on and founded Vegan Rob’s. The snack line-up includes Beet puffs, Dairy-free Cheddar puffs, Cauliflower puffs, and Brussels sprouts puffs. Obviously, the puffs are vegan. Also gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher.

But the most important quality? Delicious.

We all loved them.

If you’re looking for an addictive snack, the Brussels sprouts are my favorite. The kids love the cheddar. Happy snacking, y‘all!

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