Don’t go bananas: small changes add up to big results

You are faced with countless decisions throughout your day, aim to make the best for your unique situation and head towards your ultimate goal.
Don’t go bananas: small changes add up to big results

“Excuse me,” I said, flashing a half grin hoping that, in the loud room, I may have heard my friend incorrectly. 

 “I didn’t like the person who said you shouldn’t add a banana into your healthy smoothie, on your website. [Author note: I don’t have a website, I have a Facebook group, Will’s Weigh: Stepping into Wellness, please join – and in that group, one member recently made the comment that I didn’t need to add a banana into my smoothie, since it really didn’t add any nutritional value]. He continued, “I mean, I’ve got bigger problems than worrying about one banana…you know?”

And that was a glimpse into one of the many conversations I had that night. It was the only one about a banana, but it wasn’t the only one about people and their problems. It turns out, everyone has bananas in their life…everyone has a thing, or two, or more that don’t add anything to their life and, in the end, cause them unneeded stress.

What are your bananas?

These bananas come in many forms: Clutter in personal life, work life or spiritual life (or any combination of multiples). Life is complicated and co-existing with other living creatures enhances that complication. Add money, health, desire, positions, status, cliques, social standing, etc to the mix and the stakes get even higher. People walk about constantly wanting something new or obsessing about something to change. Most people just aren’t happy with the ingredients in their life smoothie. Here’s an easy fix: Take out the bananas.

It can’t really be that easy, can it? Yes, it can…but here’s where I think people mess up: rather than addressing the individual bananas, most people choose to throw out the whole damn smoothie. Deal with your bananas people, one stinking banana at a time.

Another friend and I were talking, later that same night, about losing weight (our shared banana). Both of us need to lose significant weight, and we detailed some of our historical challenges. We had both followed the same blueprint, over all these years: the fad diets here, the ultra intense exercise classes there. The extreme life changes here, the unrealistic expectations there…and the band plays on. We both knew we had a major thing that had to change. The most logical way to change it was to do something major. Take everything we had been doing and “flip the script” – once we lost that 20 pounds, or that 30 pounds, or that however many pounds, we could resume our “normal” life. But, that’s not how it works: That’s unrealistic. Unobtainable. Unable to sustain. 

That’s throwing out the smoothie. If you simply address the individual bananas in your life, your smoothie will be much more nourishing.

If you have actually gotten to this part and you are expecting me to convey some magic formula for you to use in getting rid of your bananas, you are going to be disappointed. Every banana is personal and therefore it’s up to their individual owner to bear. Sure, some are much bigger and harder to remove than others, but you need to work to identify the parts of your life that cause you stress. The parts that add no nutritional value. The fluff. Find those parts, address them, however long it takes or hard it becomes, and your life, and all its blended parts, will be much improved. Your smoothie becomes sweeter AND better for you at the same time. 

Small changes add up to big results

A tiny ripple travels a long way, even in a huge body of water. Small changes add up to big results. You are faced with countless decisions throughout your day, aim to make the best for your unique situation and head towards your ultimate goal.

One last thing. It is worth me writing and you reading: No one is as together as they seem and life isn’t always greener on the other side. While knowing that, doesn’t actually help address any of your own personal issues, it helps keep you grounded. It seems lots of stress comes from worrying about other people, just be the best you that you can be and the rest will take care of itself, bananas and all.

** Author’s Note: I couldn’t sleep last night and I actually got out of bed to write the above thoughts on my iPad. They say hindsight is 2020 and I am blessed to have just gotten back from my brisk morning walk…In this early morning clarity, I now realize it could be polarizing to take one side vs another in the high stakes world of elongated yellow fruit. I am here to say that I am neither pro banana (bananaer) or anti banana (never bananaer): I’m just a guy, trying to figure it all out. I ain’t worried about your bananas, I’m busy tending to mine.**

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  1. 1.5.20
    CindyJohnson said:

    Lol I have been reading and doing small changes and I have lost 9 lbs even through the holidays bc of your post

    • 1.5.20
      Hatton Gravely said:

      WOW Cindy!! That’s awesome!!!

  2. 1.23.20

    Yep… if we just take care of one small thing at a time, it adds up quickly to bigger changes.