Is Apple Watch worth it? The ‘Time to Walk’ feature really adds value.

When you need an easy way to close your rings
‘Time to Walk’ on AppleWatch lets you walk with a celebrity

You may wonder, “is the Apple Watch worth it?” They are expensive. And do you really want another gadget with beeps and buzzes competing for your attention? However, the health tracking motivates you to move more. Stand. Move. Breathe. And that makes the purchase worth it. Apple just released an exclusive Apple Watch feature called ‘Time to Walk.’ The fitness option features famous people taking a walk while sharing their story and favorite songs. It’s such an entertaining and easy way to close your rings.

If possible, you’ll love Her Majesty Dolly Parton even more after walking with her for 25 minutes. (She’s such a national treasure, right? She just exudes goodness.) In her walk, Dolly tells heartwarming stories about growing up (I fell in love with her daddy) and shares snippets about creating some of her iconic songs. It’s a lovely stroll.

So far, the featured celebrities include Misty Copeland, Dolly Parton, Bubba Wallace, Ruby Bridges, Ibram X. Kendo, Shawn Mendes, Uzo Aduba, Anderson Cooper, and Draymond Green.

The style is just the celebrity speaking to you, the listener, and sharing a few related songs. Rather than a podcast or interview with ads and more than one speaker, it’s really like you’re on a walk with the person.

You can only listen to ‘Time to Walk’ on your AppleWatch. (You cannot listen to these from your phone.) The app pops up as one of your choices when you click the little neon green running icon to start a workout.

Is ‘Time to Walk’ on AppleWatch the reason to splurge on the device?

If you’re thinking about getting an AppleWatch, this may not be THE reason to get one. It certainly is an indicator of how Apple plans to create content solely for the device. Walking while listening to podcasts, music, audiobooks, and even talking on the phone with AirPods make getting in steps enjoyable. Exercising without feeling like you’re working out is an excellent way to burn calories. ‘Time to Walk’ on AppleWatch definitely falls in that category. You’re encouraged to move without much effort… but in the end, you’ve closed your rings!

In the mood for walking?

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