5 Inspiring Podcasts for Women

Inspiring podcasts for women

Do you love podcasts? 

Confession: my dream is to have my own inspiring podcast for women. What will it be about? Would I have a co-host? (Yes: my friend Diane!) Who would I interview? These are just a few of the unanswered questions that are the exact answer as to why I don’t have a podcast. (Yet.)

Until then… I listen to other podcasts. And these are my picks for the best podcasts for women. I have learned SO MUCH from listening to podcasts, and other women’s stories. I feel like my time on wogs (wog is short for a walk-jog) and during my commute is productive when I’m learning something new by listening to someone share their story.

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These inspiring podcasts for women will motivate you to get.it.done. (Whatever your it may be.)

How I built this

Listen to this episode first:  Katrina Lake, founder of Stitchfix

Guy Roz is a terrific interviewer – he asks a poignant question, and then pauses. He doesn’t interrupt, the true talent of a pro interviewer. (Note to my future podcaster self: be like Guy. Don’t interject. Always make the interview about the other person. Oh wait. This parenthesis is an interjection … and it’s about me. Oops.) This is NPR, they have access. His guests are amazing. 

Good night stories for rebel girls

I mean…. this brand is the coolest. We have the first book. The podcast is insanely over-the-top interesting. The narrators are accomplished women (Melinda Gates! Diana Nyad!) reading the incredible stories about other accomplished women. 

Unstoppable with Kara Goldin

Listen to first: Conversation with Randi Zuckerberg

Kara is a force, the founder of Hint Water.  I LOVE that her podcast and platform is all about women. (Get to know her: follow her on instagram and watch her tell her story on YouTube.) Here’s what sets her apart – the other podcasters are all media-based companies. She’s not. She’s using the podcast format and the fact that she’s a badass who has access to other badass women to create this podcast. Media is not her business – Hint water is her business. The podcast promotes her brand – subtlety- and the entire focus is most certainly the unstoppable woman she’s interviewing. Is she diversifying and expanding Hint’s revenues with content marketing? Or is she using a very creative format to promote Hint Water? I don’t care – but I do know one thing: she is unstoppable, and I definitely do not want this podcast to stop!

skimm podcast

SKIMM podcast

Listen to first: Interview with powerhouse Mindy Grossman, current President and CEO of Weight Watchers 

The millenial founders of the SKIMM, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, are the success story every Millennial aspires to achieve: they took a humongous risk, started SKIMM from a couch, and grew their tiny company into a serious media force. They interview their women business mentors in this podcast – which is, no surprise – a quick 20 minutes per episode.

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