7 reasons why joining Weight Watchers works

Making healthier decisions, one at a time
Joining weight watchers works

Making healthy choices is tough. Joining weight watchers online app and community is like having a health coach in your pocket. It whispers, “choose grilled chicken instead of fried chicken if you want a glass of wine tonight.” You start making healthier decisions, one at a time, day after day. Those small changes add up to big results.

As I transitioned from an all-day loungewear wardrobe back to a work wardrobe when I started my new job in an office, I discovered that my clothes were tighter. A little more snug. Not so flattering. Who knows when the clothes-shrinking gnomes attacked all of my dresses and pants? It could have happened anytime during Marchaprilmayjunejuly. Perhaps it was one gnome army that was in-and-out in the middle of the night. Or, it could have been a series of attacks. Regardless of how it happened, pretty much every item of clothing that didn’t have significant stretch was a victim.

I had two options: toss out the shrunken clothes and buy new ones or shrink myself to fit into the clothes.

Option two was the cheapest and most logical choice.

Unfortunately, shrinking isn’t quite as simple as drinking a potion that says “drink me” sitting on a table.

I joined weight watchers. Time to shrink in a healthy way.

The app really works because it’s easy to follow. I love it. Admittedly, it’s mostly because I’m down six pounds. I see results. But not only do I see results on the scale – I FEEL healthier. And I’m on the “blue” plan which has an all-you-can-eat approach with healthy foods: chicken, seafood, veggies, fruits, lean meats are all “zero points” meaning I can eat as much as I want. It’s how our diets really should be. Then limit the sweets, carbs, junk food, and alcohol which all have points. The WW app makes it easy to track and also help make the best choices.

Here’s why joining Weight Watchers works:

  • Focus on making better choices, one at a time. It’s a healthy lifestyle app so the focus is on making good choices, not losing weight / being skinny.
  • The food journal is easy to use. Research proves that keeping food journal helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. THE WW food journal includes a database of every food you can imagine from the grocery store to restaurants. If the food is not already in the list, you can always add it.
  • Check the points before making a decision. Assessing points before making a decision helps you make healthier decisions – or, balance out by eating something better later
  • The plan includes allyoucaneat healthy foods. Each plan has many of the healthy foods set to “zero” points, making it pretty easy to stick to a healthy eating plan, you have so much to choose from (lean meats, veggies) you can save your points for things you really want to eat (Pizza. Wine. Chocolate!) Personally, I like the blue plan.
  • The app rewards for exercise. You get flex points annnnnd you can earn points by exercising! So, the app encourages more walking and moving because you can earn more points for food. (If you’re food motivated like me… will walk for wine 😂) Related: here’s how to get 30 minutes of exercise a day
  • A community champions you with tips and stories. There is a community of stories and supporters to help cheer you on, if you want to participate.
  • App extras are a great resources. Recipes, articles, and suggestions are helpful to keep making healthier choices. Plus, save the recipes and add to a meal plan, another feature of the app.

Cheers to getting back into my clothes, and winning the war against closet-shrinking gnomes ✌️

Want to join WW? You won’t be disappointed.

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