7 Habits of Happy Working Moms

The modern tightrope: how working moms can feel balanced

The elusive work-life balance is achievable when you lower your expectations of perfection and focus on making time for yourself. Working moms create the tightrope for ourselves when we set our expectations too high. Here’s how to balance career and family: find me-time, organize your to do list, work out, and be your happiest and most productive self 💕

Side note: I don’t love the term ‘working mom’ because it implies that a mother who has a career is unusual. It shouldn’t be. We never use the term “working dad” – a father who works is expected, it’s not unusual at all. I think the conversation around working moms needs to improve so it’s less about pegging moms as the ones who have to figure out balance. We should just go to work, do our best, and care for our children just like every other parent. Sure, there will be schedules to juggle and stress but it should never fall on just the mom. For now, I’ll have to continue using the term “working moms” and the conversation about how we “Do it All” will continue.

Now, here’s how to do it all, parents…

Working moms

1. Stop feeling guilty about working

Working mom guilt is intense. But the thing is: you’d have it no matter your choices. Guilt has no productive value. Take it off your checklist. 

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Working moms
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How to find ‘me time’ as a mom

2. Find me-time

Find time you didn’t know you had & prioritize you. Whether you want to make time to learn something new, move more, or simply relax, intentionally dedicating a block of time to you will also help you feel more in control and balanced. Discover me-time in your busy schedule.

Balance career and family tips

3. Create a fast morning routine

The morning rush can be chaotic!

  • Have as much prepped the night before as you can (especially for the kids, like outfits, snacks, etc.)
  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast. And coffee. Here are 18 healthy breakfast ideas.
  • You’ll feel your best when you look your best. Put together a quick makeup routine with products you love that don’t take an obnoxious amount of time to apply.
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4. Make dinner prep stress-free

Do everything you can to make dinners easy & quick. The key is being prepared with go-to meals, having ingredients on-hand, and some sort of a meal plan so you know what’s for dinner.

Balance career and family tips

5. Be productive at work

The best way to get everything you need to get done at work is master writing your to do list. It will change your life.

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6. Make healthy choices

Eat breakfast. Get moving for 30 minutes a day. You don’t need to be an instagram fitness model to be healthy. Make small changes, feel better.

Balance career and family tips

7. Be work-free on your time off

End your work week by being prepared for the next week. A brain dump helps you as a working mom to completely tune out for vacation or for the weekend – when you unload all of the “to dos” swimming around in your brain and put them on paper, it gives your brain a rest so you can focus on family.

Cheers, working moms 🥂 You are amazing. Please don’t forget it.

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