It's a pajama kind of winter weekend

Hey, 2020!! It’s a NEW DECADE! And here’s our first Good Taste Weekend Guide of the decade! What is the weekend guide, you new here may be wondering? It’s a blog post with a list of fun things for you to do, read, watch, & shop each week. Cheers.

Have a wine night in

Enjoy a winter wine night in wearing super soft, ultra comfy Soma pajamas (because who wants to dress up in January??) Pop open Mumm Napa Brut Rosé, pair it with Publix fried chicken and a classic movie like Big or Can’t Buy Me Love. (In case you’re curious: champagne and fried chicken are a legit pairing.)

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Just get started

Small changes add up to big results.

Try one of these productivity hacks

3 excellent productivity hacks – #3 is my favorite because listing your accomplishments is SUCH A CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!

List your accomplishments

(side note: I had to a personal branding project for a class, which forced me to put my resume in a presentation and sell myself #awkward but when I was finished putting all of my accomplishments together… it forced me to realize that I am pretty dang talented. You should do the same. Be the PR agent for you. Check it out:

Play Crokinole?

Crokinole looks like SUCH A FUN GAME. But the prices 😳 Do you play? Can you find an affordable board to link up to in the comments?

Make a healthy salad

Make this arugula & quinoa salad with lemon vinaigrette … doesn’t it look delicious?

Sign up to be a leader

Myrtle Beach locals should go ahead and secure tickets to the Women’s Leadership Conference (shameless plug? perhaps… but seriously. you don’t want to miss it.)


Tommy Tomlinson’s encouraging words

For all you creatives, Creating and schlepping is a must read!

How to tame your to do list

Kick start your planning resolution and read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen, which will organize your to do list so it’s manageable. (Stay tuned: I may just post a video about it this week!!)


The impact of a brave voice

Kate McKinnon’s Golden Globes speech to Ellen Degeneres. So much courage.

Bombshell in the movie theater

A friend told me Bombshell is worth watching in the theater. Charlize Theron looks so different!! (great interview with her about the movie, and the importance of getting the story out there)

Motivating advice

What do you want to do in 2020? A great reminder it’s not too late to start that thing:

What shows do you love so much you want to share??? Help us all out. Share your favorite shows you’ve recently binge-watched – share in the comments!

Shop the deals

EZPZ kids plates

Moms, you’ll love the suction-cup plates for toddlers by EZPZ, 20% off right now.

Coziest Pajamas

Life after 5pm is best lived in the ultra soft Soma pajamas. These are on sale for $22.99. (also: you can wash them 6,000 times and the fabric holds up. I’ve tested three pairs.)


UnderArmour is having their semi-annual sale, up to 50% off!!


25% off home items, plus take an extra 40% off all sale items at Anthropologie!!

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