Where to Find the Best Razor for Women

Tested and Reviewed: Flamingo, My Billie & Dollar Shave Club to find the best razor for women

Shaving. It’s most likely not on anyone’s top ten list of favorite morning activities. (If it is, please share the details of why you don’t hate shaving!)

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What’s your shaving routine? We decided to ask women to share their favorite razor, and test out a few new shaving kits to make this chore a little less unpleasant…

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My iPhone must have overheard the conversation I had with my husband when he declared, “You need to find a different razor. $20 for 3 blades is ridiculous!” (Agreed.) So commenced the search for the best razor for women.

Almost immediately, ads for razors started popping up online.

Are razor subscriptions a new thing, or is my iPhone eavesdropping and sharing my secrets with Instagram? Either way, thanks for reading my mind! Or Spying! I clicked on the ads and ordered two kits: one from Dollar Shave Club and the other from Flamingo (because the name is cool.) 

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We asked: What’s your favorite razor?

Curious about the razor trend, I asked the good taste community to share their favorite razor. Surprisingly, most had a different response…

  • Girl I keep it basic with Venus disposables. -Sara
  • Old fashioned bic. Not the pink girly one, but the school bus yellow ones. They work best. -Keri
  • I’m a dedicated user of the men’s Schlick Hydro 5. – Pam
  • Dollar Shave Club 4x blade— Delivered to my door each month AND I haven’t had razor burn in 2 years?? SOLD. -Meredith
  • Gillete -Alicia
  • Venus. I’m sure it’s full of some bad chemicals so I’m open to other options. I do not use shaving cream though. Usually use my Beautycounter oil or conditioner. Coincidental that razor ads have been popping up when you just had been needing your eyebrows waxed?? Things that make you go hmmmmm…. -Diane

Tested: Flamingo Razor, Dollar Shave Club, and My Billie

Yes, I tested all three. Flamingo on my left leg and Dollar Shave Club on my right leg, for several days. Then I found out about My Billie and added another into the mix. (My husband thinks I’m bonkers.) Here’s the rundown on the three.

Flamingo Razor Review

Flamingo’s ad delivered me to a pretty website, promising a razor designed for a woman: “Why shouldn’t our razor blades be made to the same standards as men’s?”

Tell me more, Flamingo. 

“We leveraged 95 years of German blade-making expertise to create a custom blade cartridge that works for your body (hello, knees!) and gives you a close, smooth shave.”

95 years!! This must be a fete of shaving engineering, so I plunked down* $16 for the shave kit which includes the razor, an extra cartridge, lotion, foaming shave gel, and a purple travel bag wrapped up in a cute box. Plus, you have several color options for the razor. I chose coral, which turned out to be more florescent than coral, but it’s a bright pop of color against the white subway tile in my shower.

The razor is light but has a nice grip, and the shave is smooth. I did not have razor burn, yippee!

*actually, I PayPal-ed the $16 but that didn’t have quite the dramatic effect as “plunked down” 

Monthly cost: $9 for 4 cartridges (not a subscription service.)

Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club sucked me in with a quick video of a woman shaving her leg in the shower and the offer of a $5 shave kit.

Dollar Shave Club burst onto the shaving scene with a funny, clever, and super effective video. I remember when the company went viral.

However, it’s targeted for men, so I did not know that the razors were an option for women until I saw a video on Instagram. (Also, see Meredith’s quote: she’s been using for several years, so I am late to the DSC party.)

At $5 for the razor, an extra cartridge, and travel sizes of the shave scrub, shave butter, and shave dew, it seemed irresponsible to not test it out. Obviously, my PayPal is now linked to Dollar Shave Club. You sign up for the subscription when you order the kit.

The quality? The razor has a nice weight and feels substantial. The shave butter is a fantastic alternative to shaving cream and feels smoother. Meredith, the DSC loyalist, uses conditioner instead of the butter, which probably has the same effect! I did not get razor burn. 

Monthly cost: $9 for 4 replacement razor cartridges. This is a subscription service, so you don’t have to think about replacements. You can add the extras if you want. 

My Billie Review

Discovered the week I had Dollar Shave Club and Flamingo orders arriving in the mail, theSkimm recommended My Billie. Fortuitous? Ironic? I felt compelled to order it to give thorough testing of the mail-order razors for women.  

I have to say: the color is very pretty. The magnetic dohickie that sticks to the side of the shower is cool. And the shave? Smooth. Super smooth, because it has some sort of a soap strip that makes the razor glide. The body wash (which is better than shave gel), which I considered omitting initially then splurged the extra $9 is DEFINITELY worth it. 

I’ve signed up for the body wash + razor subscription. Ladies, I found my razor.

Monthly cost: Get started with My Billie for $9, and $9 after for 4 blades monthly. Add an extra $9 if you love the sudsy body wash (which you will!) 


No razor is going to make shaving the best part of your morning. It will always be a chore. A great razor that doesn’t cause razor burn is all a girl can ask for… so, if you’re looking to take the thought out of razor repurchasing, you can’t go wrong with Dollar Shave Club. If you want a pretty razor designed for a woman, you’ll love the Flamingo.

My Billie is the best of both: a fantastic razor (and it’s pretty!) designed for women with the ability to subscribe for cheap refills. Ultimately, I’ll keep using My Billie

Happy shaving, ladies!

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