The hype is real: Thrive Causemetics makeup is like photoshop for your face

My husband cautiously said, “it looks like you, but different, in a good way”

Thrive causemetics review

First, it’s Thrive Causemetics not Thrive cosmetics. It’s a play on words because the company supports causes, get it? Regardless, it will chase you around the internet from Instagram to Pinterest relentlessly until you cave. That’s what happened to me. I’d tried the mascara from a friend and was floored by the staying power – but what’s the fun in buying just one product? I decided to get the eye brightener, which claims to make you look more awake (what mom doesn’t need this magic!?) and the “buildable blur” foundation starred in several promising before/after video ads.

Plus reviews all seemed to be overly enthusiastic. AND there are no questionable ingredients. Checks all the boxes, right?

So, does Thrive Causemetics makeup live up to the hype?

HOLY MOLY IT DOES. Like no makeup you’ve tried before, Thrive Causemetics products somehow makes you naturally look better. You can create that “you” look with smooth skin, rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and sultry lashes without looking like you’ve caked on make up. It looks natural. Also, you don’t need to watch a complicated contouring YouTube video to make it work for you.

Thrive Causemetics reviews of favorite products

Thrive’s Foundation

Buildable Blur CC Cream is like a photoshop blur brush for your face. It takes a second to soak in to your face and then it’s like you took a photo filter and smoothed out your skin. And it looks totally natural. It doesn’t look cake-y or too foundation-y. As my husband said, with much reservations and disclaimers like “I don’t want to get in trouble if you take this the wrong way because you’re beautiful without makeup…” but when asked about the before/after, he said, “it looks like you, but different, in a good way.” (A diplomatic way of saying “better.” 😂) But an even better endorsement than my husband who is ignorant in the ways women make up their faces came from the shocked look on my friend Meredith’s face when we were getting ready together for an event. She said, “wow. It’s a noticeable difference.” Yep. It’s crazy.

thrive causemetics mascara

The liquid lash extensions seems to be a pretty presumptuous name for mascara, until you try it. Staring back at you in the mirror are perfectly dramatic, long eyelashes (Top and bottom.) 8 hours latr they look the same. Not kidding. This is your next and last mascara.

thrive causemetics eye brightener

The eye brightener stick feels like a lipstick and just glides on your eyelids and in the creases to give a little bit – not too noticeable – brightening effect to wake up your eyes.

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