Try the easiest DIY Scalp Scrub

You only need two ingredients

Do you ever have an itchy scalp? I find the more dry shampoo I use, the ickier my scalp feels. So, I did what any person in this century would do… I googled it. Apparently, you’re supposed to exfoliate your scalp like you exfoliate your skin. After looking for different products and reading scalp scrub recipes with complicated ingredients, I discovered a super simple solution. Here’s the easiest DIY scalp scrub I could find (only two ingredients!) to the rescue!

Easiest DIY Scalp Scrub

It’s really that simple.

Mix 3 tablespoons of your favorite conditioner (mine is Beautycounter) plus 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Then just massage into your hair in the shower, leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse out.

My scalp instantly feels soooo much better after doing this. The scrub soothes my scalp and the conditioner makes my hair feel so soft.

Why exfoliate your scalp?’s article, “Scalp Exfoliation Is the Crucial Step Your Hair-Care Routine Is Missing,” includes a gross but fascinating video of a hairdresser using a brush to exfoliate a scalp. Exfoliating with a scalp scrub helps reduce product buildup on your scalp which leads to irritation and dandruff. Your pores can get clogged. Products build up on your scalp. Your scalp can get oily. Apparently, doing a scalp scrub every few weeks helps keep your scalp healthy and dandruff-free.

How to exfoliate your scalp has a detailed tutorial on how to exfoliate your scalp which includes tips like using warm instead of hot water, and scrubbing gently along the hairline. Just use your fingers to massage the scrub into your scalp and use moderate pressure. It takes just a few minutes.

Add a scalp scrub to your weekly “me routine”… it’s easy and your skin feels so much calmer!

You can try this hair scalp massager shampoo brush in the shower, too!

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