4 clean products for easy Summer Weekend Hair & Makeup

Skip the full makeup routine. It only takes four steps (and about one minute!) to be Saturday-ready for the beach, pool or errand! An easy, clean summer weekend routine:

STEP ONE: Sea Salt Spray

Styled hair in 4 seconds? YES, PLEASE. I’ve tried several different sea salt sprays, but the Beautycounter sea salt spray is definitely the best. It gives hair texture and waves (frizz-free!!) without being sticky and crunchy. My hair feels so soft with a few spritzes and letting it dry naturally.

STEP TWO: Dew Skin Tinted Foundation

As the title of the product indicates, this foundation adds just a tint of color. And sunscreen.


Just a few dabs on the apple of your cheeks for a little bit of natural color.

STEP FOUR: Supergoop Finishing Spray

This is an extra layer of sunscreen and finishes your makeup. I wear this everyday and spray it on before mascara. As the kid in the Netflix movie Camp Cool Kids wisely repeats, “Safety never takes a vacation.” Dermatologists answer to anti-aging will always be “sunscreen.”

Now, you’re ready to go for a Saturday!! Simple, clean, natural. Most importantly? The whole routine takes about a minute!

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