This hairdryer round brush is like a magic wand for a good hair day

When we have a good hair day, great things happen. Agreed?

This hairdryer round brush contraption is a gift from the Good Hair Day Gods. My hair, never in 39 years of living, has ever looked as polished as it has after five minutes with this blowdryer. Even after the salon.

I am serious, y’all – this brush (the revlon all-in-one hair dryer and volumizer) is miracle-worker. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

The hairdryer round brush is easy to use

The dryer is one big brush, and it’s powerful. I dry sections at a time. (you can watch th video below.)

Drying takes minutes

Even if your hair soaking wet, you can use this hairdryer to blow it dry quickly. Approximately five minutes, because I timed it taking that awkward video. If you want to look polished for work but don’t love spending an hour primping… this hairdryer cuts down on all hairstyling.

Not only does my hair look fantastic, but my morning routine is also so much easier. I do not want to spend an inordinate amount of time in the morning getting ready for work – but I do want to look put together. After my hair is dry (and fluffy! and glossy! and styled!), I quickly apply my makeup in 5 minutes and head to work.

Hair is bouncy and smooth

I’ve tried the expensive hairdryer from Ulta. The John Frieda hairbrush. Taking my time with a round brush. Nothing makes my hair look as bouncy and smooth as this hairdryer. And it takes way less effort and time!


Drawbacks? Of course, there are a few. It gets a little hot to the touch… balanced by the fact that you look HOT when you’re done with a blow-out, which can create a little more delays in your day as you have to pause, smile, coif your hair, and humbly respond to comments with, “oh, thank ya! I just got a new hairdryer!”

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PS – I almost didn’t post this post because the photo is so atrocious… but I took a deep breath, and posted anyway because this product has turned every day into a good hair day for me, and I feel compelled to share with the world.

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