Finally, a clean mascara that doesn’t smudge

When you don’t want an accidental goth smoky eye look
Clean mascara

A dramatic, smoky eye is not the accidental look you’re trying to achieve at 3 p.m. with a clean mascara that can’t stay on your eyelashes all day. If you want a smoky eye, you’ll watch the ten-minute tutorial on YouTube and purchase the 15 eye palette recommendations you need to achieve it, thankyouverymuch.

No one wants to look like a raccoon, but most mascaras don’t have the stamina to last all day.

Except two. Perhaps, there are others, but the only two we’ve discovered that have staying power AND don’t have funky ingredients are the Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions and the Merit Clean Lash Lengthening Tubing Mascara.

Thrive mascara a cult favorite because it is like no mascara you’ve ever tried before: it adheres to your lashes, and does not smudge. Rather than wiping off, the mascara comes off in chunks when you wash your face. Kind of weird.

Merit mascara looks natural – no clumps, just longer lashes all day long. Soap will wash it off at night, but unless you rub your eyes, you’ll not get a raccoon face in the middle of the day. The mascara stays put.

Shop Merit Mascara

You can shop directly at Merit Beauty or Sephora, but it’s been sold out at Sephora recently!

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