Summer Skincare Routine

6 Incredibly Effective Clean Summer Skincare Products

Sun’s out, sunscreen’s out. Let’s chat about a solid clean skincare routine for the summer, shall we? Especially when you live at the beach, wearing the proper rash guards and sunscreen is essential. When the weather is nice, I like to be outside as much as possible. Lunch break walks, etc. mean I need to have sun protection on all of the time – not just when I plan to visit the beach or pool. Here’s a roundup of my favorite clean summer skincare products that will keep your skin protected from sun damage!

Summer skincare essentials

Summer Skincare Essentials

More about clean skincare products

Let’s chat about clean skincare. Should you switch to clean beauty products? You’ll find a LOT of questionable info on the World Wide Web about skincare and makeup products. I get it. In the age of misinformation, it’s hard to determine what’s legit and what’s not. But the bottom line is this: so many companies use natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients in their products. If you have the option between the two, why not choose a clean product? As long as the product works, of course, is my philosophy. I feel the scare tactics used by clean beauty advocates can be a little bit over-the-top, and I most certainly believe in fact over possibility. However, enough evidence exists that when given the choice, I opt for clean products. (Not giving you a high-five just yet, natural deodorant.)

Plus, with so many incredible products out there, it limits our options to a reasonable amount! So, that’s why I recommended these favorite clean summer skincare products. All of the recommended products in this blog post have transformed my skin from blotchy and dry to even-toned and hydrated. I use them everyday!

Biossance Sunshine Set

Summer skincare tips

  • Make sure you wear sunscreen everyday, and not just on your face!
  • Take care of dark sun spots and hyperpigmentation with a vitamin C serum! which brand vitamin c serum is best?? I’ve tried many products, and my pick is the Beautycounter Vitamin C Serum for dramatic and fast results. (For something a little less expensive, I also love the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum which I’m currently using.)
  • The more you focus on skincare, the less you’ll have to master make up tutorials. Natural is best (in my opinion!)
  • An excellent set for summer: Biossance has the Sunshine Set with Reese Witherspoon, which includes an everyday sunscreen (which does not make you look like a ghost!) and the best facial oil EVER, the vitamin c rose oil, and the incredibly soothing lip balm – all at a discounted price.

There you have it!

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