Wines to drink while watching ‘Ted Lasso’

Are you sweet like Ted, salty like Rebecca, or bubbly like Keeley?
Ted Lasso

If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ yet, you are IN FOR A TREAT. Ted Lasso’s nearly obnoxious positivity is equally heartwarming and hilarious. This show is the antidote to social-distancing fatigue.

Ted Lasso Review

I did not expect to love ‘Ted Lasso’ – the Apple TV+ show starring SNL alum Jason Sudeikis – but an evening of binge-watching all of the released episodes ended with me saying “I LOVE TED LASSO!” Ted Lasso is an American football coach recruited to coach a British football (soccer) team. I worried it would be cheesy or slapstick, instead the story is heartwarming, authentic, and relatable. It’s also full of incredible leadership lessons.

Ted Lasso Wine List

So, grab a bottle of wine and stay in to start the series. Here’s the wine you should try, based on your Ted Lasso character personality type:

If you’re sweet and a little nutty like Ted Lasso

Go for a port like Graham’s 20 year old Tawny port, which is rich, creamy, a little nutty, and has notes of toffee. Pair it with pair with Ted Lasso’s biscuit recipe!

If you’re rustic like Coach Beard

Open up an earthy red wine like the $12 Delas Côtes-du-Rhône, a rustic red with the finesse of a super high-end Cab.

If you’re salty like Rebecca

Grab a bag of potato chips and enjoy with a glass of fancy Chardonnay, chilled at the ideal 55 degrees.

If you’re bubbly like Keeley

Obviously, open a bottle of sparkling. Mumm Napa Brut Rosé is always an excellent choice. Or try this Cava and order Thai takeout!

If you’re reliable like Nate the Great

For an evening of gabbing and doling out relationships advice with the Diamond Dogs, try one of these reliably crowd-pleasing red wines under $20.

Who’s ready for Ted Lasso Season 2?! Cheers 🥂

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