A Rustic Red Wine for Wintery Saturdays

Snuggling up with the softest, coziest faux fur blanket in the evening next to a glass of the Delas CĂ´tes-du-RhĂ´ne, a rustic red with the finesse of a super high-end Cab, may be best way to stay in on a winter Saturday.

Saturday nights are that sliver in the week to truly unwind, wedged securely between casual Friday at work and the Sunday scramble. I love staying in on Saturdays, enjoying wine while watching TV with my husband.

This Saturday, we watched a hilarious new show. It’s funny because it’s terrible, which also makes it fantastic.

Jean Claude Van Dam stars as Jean Claude Van Johnson, a spy with a cover as an actor famous for roundhouse kicks. While he’s on missions, he’s also starring in terrible action movies. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe. My husband commented, “This is the best show in the history of the world.”

Give it a Swirl

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Pair it with some wintery and rustic like butternut squash chili or a pot roast braised in red wine.’

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