Order Thai Takeout, pour a glass of Cava, and watch ‘Ted Lasso’

In case you needed a to do list for your weekend… here it is:

  • order Thai takeout
  • pair it with this $10 Cava (available at most grocery stores or you can pickup at Walmart)
  • watch the new Apple TV+ series, ‘Ted Lasso’

Let’s chat about Ted Lasso first.

What to watch: Ted lasso

I did not expect to love ‘Ted Lasso’ – the new Apple TV+ show starring SNL alum Jason Sudeikis – but an evening of binge-watching all of the released episodes ended with me saying “I LOVE TED LASSO!” I worried it would be cheesy or slapstick, instead the story is heartwarming, authentic, and relatable. A new episode is released on Friday.

Fresh rolls at Thai Lao in Myrtle Beach

Wine to try: Campo Viejo Cava

Here’s a $10 sparkling for your ‘Ted Lasso’ wine night in: Campo Viejo Cava. Sparkling wine handles spicy Thai food like Ted Lasso handles adversity: balances with bubbly personality. You’ll taste the citrus and crisp apple in the Cava until the curry from your Thai takes over.

what to order: Thai Lao

Everyone knows to go to Thai Lao if you’re in the mood for Thai food in Myrtle Beach. When I find a dish at a restaurant that I love, your chances of convincing me to order something new is about a 2 on a scale of 1 – 100. But I did it last weekend. I gritted my teeth and said “mixed vegetable stir-fry with chicken, and could you make it spicy please?” instead of my years-old, tried-and-true Chicken Gang Dang order. I was floored. It was amazing. It’s possible that I’ll order it again, but I think I’ll have to go twice in one week to alleviate the order anxiety I’ll face trying to decide between the two. And I snuck bites from Will’s Pad MaMa. It’s also delicious, and he’ll have to go with me so I don’t have a complete meltdown trying to choose between three dishes.

So there you have it: a spicy and sparkling wine night in, starring Thai takeout, Cava, and Ted Lasso 🥂

PS – Thai Lao is one of my top 20 must-try restaurants in Myrtle Beach


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