A Wine for Brinner

Pop a bottle of Sofia Brut Rosé when you’re having breakfast for dinner

When at a loss for what to make for dinner, BRINNER to the rescue. It’s a crowd-pleaser and will get zero complaints. But what about the wine? Yes, you can drink wine with breakfast without judgement when it’s served in the evening.

Sparkling Rosé pairs with every food like the Avett Brothers pairs with every mood. It’s just a smooth, happy, compliment to every flavor. Open a Sofia Brut Rosé – which tastes like crushed summer peaches and strawberries – and you won’t be disappointed. Sofia Coppola is the daughter of director Francis Ford Coppola of The Godfather fame. She’s an incredible director herself, and the quirky On the Rocks on Apple TV+ is absolutely worth the watch. Her dad is also into wine (Inglenook and Coppola) and I love hers just as much. This wine is also available in a can!

Fancy picnic food is my current obsession, and every single item on a picnic list will pair with this brut rosé. But … if you want to win the kids over, cook breakfast for dinner aka brinner. Bacon is never a bad idea, plus sparkling wine loves salty foods. Cheers!

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