Here’s a look around the historic Inglenook Winery in Napa

Here’s a look around the historic Inglenook in Napa

Our tour of Inglenook Winery was one of my favorites, ever. The winery began in the late 1800s by a man who became a millionaire with a shipping company, who built the gorgeous castle-like winery and a mansion on the property.

He passed his fortune along to his nephew who took over the business with a “pride over profit” philosophy vowing only to make the best wine. Wine Spectator named the 1941 Inglenook Cab one of the top 10 wines of the 20th century. However, the wine maker never made a profit because he poured out all of the wine over the years that wasn’t up to his standards. Then, he sold the winery to a corporation who made Inglewood profitable, but in name only – the company didn’t make wine on the estate.

Francis Ford Coppola bought the other half of the estate which included vineyards and the mansion from his widow. This property is where the Coppola family grew up and still lives today.

Coppola began making wine after meeting his neighbor, Bob Mondavi, who convinced him to make wine from the vineyards. Coppola bought the winery and later the Inglenook name in 2011, and has been making Inglenook wines on the estate — and the wines are all incredible. He transformed Inglenook Winery into a museum (in addition to making wine in it) and has his own table on the patio next to the cafe. We did not get to meet him, but loved listening to the story of Inglenook while enjoying the wine.

If you see Inglenook on the menu, order it. You won’t be disappointed.

🍷 (ps – That’s about a $1 million worth of wine aging in the barrels in that photo.)

Here’s a photo album of our visit –

Inglenook Wines to Try

Inglenook Wines are not in the “super affordable” category, so expect to spend $75 or so on a bottle of the Cab.

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