Best Seltzer for Wine Drinkers

Try an ice-cold Ducky

Let me introduce you to your new favorite tailgate seltzer. Decoy seltzers are fancy wine seltzers for a wine drinker looking for a light little spritz. The cocktail started out as a summertime drink nicknamed The Ducky by Duckhorn’s CEO, Alex Ryan. The Decoy Sauvignon Blanc, sparkling water, and lime drink was so popular with friends, the winemaker, Dana Epperson, started working on the brand’s first seltzer.

Dana Epperson, Decoy Winemaker and VP of Winemaking, Sonoma/Mendocino

The Decoy seltzers are light, fizzy, and refreshing, and are the only seltzer with a premium wine base. They taste more like a cocktail a mixologist would serve you at a swanky hipster bar in Charleston SC than your typical cooler seltzer. With flavors like ginger and clementine orange mingled with the wine, they just don’t taste like a boozy La Croix. And they are delightful!

About Decoy

Decoy Wines are always a great choice – easy-drinking crowd pleasers that are affordable. Decoy Chardonnay and Canvasback are two of our go-to favorites. The quality of this wine should be no surprise because Decoy is the cousin of the high-end Duckhorn.

Decoy Seltzer Flavors

Decoy Premium Seltzers are available in four flavors, and all made with Decoy wine. All are under 100 calories, making it a lighter choice for happy hour or tailgate!

Chardonnay with Clementine Orange

This one is my favorite!

Tasting notes: “Sweet ripe citrus aroma, orange blossom, sherbet and a hint of orange zest. Slight zesty bitterness on the finish which is complemented by a touch of sweetness.“

Rosè with Black Cherry

Tasting notes: “Black cherry, with notes of hibiscus, strawberry and rose petals. A subtle sweetness is balanced by the lingering tartness of cherry.”

Sauvignon Blanc with Vibrant Lime

Tasting notes: “Botanical, lemongrass with tropical undertones and hints of green apple. Bright balanced finish with a hint of lime zest.”

Chardonnay with Lemon and Ginger

Tasting notes: “Lemon with hints of white flowers and peach undertones are highlighted with the slightly spicy and botanical notes of ginger. Refreshing finish with lingering bright citrus notes.“

Cheers, ya’ll! I hope you have a fun football season 🏈 🥂

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