Beach Loungin’

We’ve found the best lightweight beach lounger you can set up in seconds
Simply southern beach lounger

You love that #saltlife but don’t love to lug all the heavy, clunky chairs through the hot sand to a spot on the beach. Save yourself the awkward walk and get a lightweight Simply Southern beach lounger.

This colorful contraption folds up into a square and has a strap, making your trek across the sand tolerable. Then, once you find the proper location (a good anti-social distance from other beach-goers) – unfold the canvas-lined lounger and prop up the back. Use the zippered pocket to store your phone or book or Kindle.

Pop open a can of chilled Sofia sparkling rosè or a Decoy wine seltzer from your cooler, lean back onto the sturdy back of your lounger, and enjoy the sounds of the ocean waves.

The canvas fabric is easy to wash off before you toss it in your trunk for the next time.

Happy beach lounging!

Shop the Simply Southern Beach Lounger

The price for one of these beach babies is around $30. Shop on Amazon, or shop in Charleston at Wonder Works Toys (the BEST toy store!!)

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