Chardonnay for a summer day

Decoy Chardonnay + Sundress + Upbeat Playlist
Decoy Chardonnay

The light, bright Decoy Chardonnay calls for fun, comfortable, vibrant summer dresses and an upbeat playlist.

Does a fabulous dress enhance the flavor profile of wine? OBVIOUSLY YES. Drinking wine is an experience, and dressing up is part of the experience.

Pair it with a friend who makes you laugh and a mezze plate.

Tasting notes

  • Tastes like mango and peaches
  • From Sonoma County in California *
  • Varietal is Chardonnay *
  • Costs around $15 *

*Note – these three things (region, varietal, price point) are the simplest way to figure out how to pick wines in the grocery store.

Give it a swirl

Pick up a bottle of Decoy Chardonnay at Target • $17.99

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