Pretty wooden boards for Charcuterie

Happy hour for dinner, y’all

Charcuterie is having a moment. And you can find over-the-top and gorgeous spreads on Pinterest. But, you can also make a simpler version using wooden boards for charcuterie and little stainless condiment jars.

The essentials are sliced bread, crackers, cheese, grapes, nuts, and cured meats.

But let me add something else to your list: sliced baguette, fancy olive oil, and fresh chives.

The day I dipped a sliced baguette into Jordan olive oil and added a chive at Jordan Winery forever changed my feelings towards olive oil. “What is this magic?” I thought. GOOD olive oil – really good olive oil – can stand on it’s own as a dip for bread or on a salad. The nutty, smooth flavors of the Jordan olive oil with a chive on a sliced baguette is exquisite and simple.

Here are some pretty wooden charcuterie boards for easy entertaining! The stainless condiment cups are awesome for work lunches, too. Plus, they look so pretty on the board to hold small snacks like nuts and olives or dips like olive oil.

Wooden Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie inspiration on Pinterest

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