4 things you need to host the best happy hour at home

is there a happier hour than one spent grazing and sipping on an excellent glass of wine??

Skip the bars because we’ve rounded up the best wine snacks, wines to try, cocktails & pretty glassware to host the best happy hour at home. Because is there a happier hour than one spent grazing and sipping on an excellent glass of wine??

Host happy hour at home

You only need four things for a great happy hour at home:

1. Music (Sonos speakers make this easy.)

2. Friends (It would be kind of lame if you entertained without guests.)

3. Food (Don’t starve your friends.)

4. Cocktails (Obviously.)

It’s pretty simple, right? And DO NOT make the mistake of hosting happy hour without music. Good lord, it’s awkward. Every party needs a soundtrack. Entertaining does not need to be over the top – but a few fun details like the spices in fancy olive oil with bread and a great wine paired with a cool playlist really makes for a fun, casual get together. Some ideas to host the best happy hour at home:

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Shop for your next happy hour soirée

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Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

Dip into different flavors with this set of 15 spices.

Fiore Glassware Collection

Expertly hand cut, this crystal glassware brings sparkling clarity and unrivaled elegance to the home bar.


The best crunchy wine snack!

Pretty cheese knives

French Home Laguiole 7-Pc. Cream & Blue Cheese Knife & Spreader Set

Italian Cheese Collection

Here’s the description: “Our trio of classics offers a sampling of Italy’s most beloved cheeses, all handcrafted in small batches and designated DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta), certifying they are made and aged in a specific location using traditional methods.”

Table Grazing Extra Long Cheese Board

A fun long cheese board for sharing!

Sliced French bread

Everyone loves French bread for dipping in olive oil, cheese & charcuterie!

Fancy Olive Oil

One customer review raves, “When I first tried Brightland, I finally realized the difference between authentic olive oil versus what I’ve been buying at the store all these years.”

Tassel cocktail napkins

Pretty Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins add a pretty splash of color to a happy hour spread. We’ve rounded up embroidered linen cocktail napkins for you to shop!

Sofia Brut Rosé

Crowd-pleasing wines

We have lots of wine recommendations for you on the Good Taste Guide for! You can never go wrong with a Brut Rosé since it pairs with everything, or a crowd-pleasing red wine.

Happy Hour Appetizer Ideas

You can never go wrong with a mix of bread, cheese, crunchy things, good olive oil, and charcuterie. Plus, check out our happy hour appetizer recipes like the super easy grilled veggie & ricotta toasts.

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