Adding the Surround Sound of Music to Your House (No Electrician required.)

My husband added music to our house, and I was blasĂ© about the concept… Until I fell in love with it. Now, we have music while we’re having our morning coffee, chasing around our toddler, and having a glass of wine in the evening.

All of our favorite channels and playlists can be played instantly, all from an iPad or iPhone. The system works with our Wifi, so the music magically plays, and controlled from our devices… But it’s streaming over Wifi, so the music isn’t interrupted if we take a phone call or get a text. We use Apple Music, XMSirius, and Pandora, but all of the main streaming services are available.

We have four Sonos Play 1 speakers, two in our dining room and two in our living room and the sound quality is exceptional.

Apparently, once you have a Sonos, you want more.

“How is two going to be different than one?” I questioned, “Can’t you just turn the volume up?”

It turns out the difference isn’t the volume – it’s the way the music plays, and having two in one room on opposite sides of the room really gives a pleasing, balanced, sound.

Four may seem extravagant (and you’re right!) but it’s a far less expensive option than getting a new system installed. And you can take them with you if you move. Or, if one doesn’t work properly, you can take it to a repair store rather than having the expense of an electrician come to your house to disassemble your ceiling to pinpoint the problem.


We’re currently listening to the Avett Brothers, Coffeehouse from Sirius, BB King’s Bluesville from Sirius, The Very Best of Dr. John from Apple Music (New Orleans style), Keb Mo from Apple Music, and the Beach Boys from Apple Music. When we want to throw down and have a major dance party, we jam out to the chicken dance, which involves plenty of toddler squats from our one-year-old and arm flapping from our six-year-old.

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